Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Haley!

We are half way through our birthday bonanza week!  

It does make for a crazy and insane week, but would I trade it?   No way!

Today is Haley's 16th birthday.  We have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever.  
Dating, driving, and the all important and necessary cell phone.

From the moment Haley was born and let out her first determined cry, Curt and I knew we were in for a ride!  (and she hasn't disappointed us!).

Haley at 6 months...

at 2 years...
She has a smile that lights up a room!

4 years...

13 years...

and today...
I wrote this letter/poem for her to read at girl's camp this past summer. 
 (I just found in my pile "to be filed")

Sparkling, mischievous eyes
Perfect white teeth and a smile that captures every heart.
Loves to run her fingers through her dark brown hair,
as she thinks, talks, reads...
A laugh so contagious it occasionally gets her out of trouble.
Magnet to boys, babies and many of all ages.
Poised beyond her years, with an ability to capture any audience with
her stories and her testimony
Counting the days 'til dating and driving
Wasn't it just yesterday that a little bundle of pink was placed in
my outstretched arms?
Fun to tease, especially about cell phones, and her lack of one
Confident in who she is,
Seldom a second thought about clothes, hair and make-up
Has mastered the art of scaring her sisters, jumping out of dark corners,
all for the thrill of it.
Competitive and determined as she practices the sport she loves
Gorgeous inside and out
Loves to take pictures, posing her subjects to bring out their best
Melts my heart every time she rolls her eyes (I love you, too!)
Reluctantly and cautiously learning to trust and obey
The seeds of a strong testimony, budding
An example to friends, family and me
The life of the party
A huge chunk of my life
Each time I look at her, I am so thankful
She is mine.

Happy 16th Birthday, Haley!  We love you!

If you'd like to read Cassidy's letter, go here


Ruthann said...

Happy 16th Birthday Haley from all the Snows!

Suz said...

Bless you for arriving at 16! Tell Ms. Haley my car will be parked in the drive way this weekend! But my cell phone is on! I LLLOOOOVVVEE Haley Brown! Her spunk! Her witty personality! Her flirtacious smile! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful... and SOOO kind! EVERYTHING about Haley, I love! Keep smiling~ sweet 16, right!!!

Jo Dee said...

What a beautiful poem to go with a beautiful girl. She is a true example of a righteous daughter of heavenly Father. Great job Alison!

Barbie said...

We love 16 year olds around here. You are the cutest. Hope you had a great day.