Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We were able to celebrate Father's Day with some great Dads! My dad, my two brothers E.T. and David, and a wonderful husband. Curt was home from church in record time, so he was able to sneak in a nap before he opened his gifts. A very timely gift of new pajama bottoms (his old ones have a huge hole in the back) and a cute plate for the dresser to catch all of his "stuff". We had our usual Sunday Dinner which has grown to 29 with the addition of Kristin's sister, Anna and her husband Sean and their family. We all love getting together and it was a great day to honor the men we love.

Bishop's Night at Girl's Camp

Bishop's Night at Camp LoMia is the best! We escape the heat for a few hours, eat a dinner with the girls that I did not have to think about, prepare or clean-up, get a VIP tour of the cabins, laugh at the expense of the Bishop's during their skit, share testimonies and eat treats! Haley was at A-Camp this year and loved being with just the 4th year girls. The high adventure activities were awesome...kayaking, repelling, cliff jumping (only small cliffs allowed!), and hiking. Cassidy also repelled, hiked to Fossil Springs, which is no easy task, and swam in the water hole. The theme for this year was "It's Your Time" and our ward was assigned the caveman era. They adopted the saying..."The easy a caveman can live it". A huge thank you to all the leaders for teaching, inspiring and entertaining our girls. They loved everything about Camp!


Summer began with a bang...that is Bennett banging into the bleachers at Mt. View basketball camp. He was going for the ball, slipped and slid on the court face first into the bleachers. One look at his lip and even I knew he would need stitches. He had to have six stitches right down the middle of his lower lip. After a week off from swim team and basketball, he is now back in full force and you can't even tell where the damage was done. He is one tough boy!