Friday, August 31, 2012


Can't believe this guy turned 17 this month!
Time just keeps passing more quickly and I think he is realizing it, too.
Crazy to think that in just two short years he will be on his mission!

Clark is a fun kid to have around!

Does he listen to me much?   Not really!
Is he neat and tidy?  Not at all!
Does he like it when I take his picture?  Absolutely Not!

But when it comes to the really big, important stuff in life,
this #4 child of mine IS THE BEST!

 Since all he ever wants to do is spend $$$$ on food,
we opted to give him cold hard cash.

I taped one dollar bills together, end to end, and stuffed them in an empty Kleenex box,
with the saying..."Don't BLOW it all in one place!"

Pretty sure he will be frequenting Lenny's for their Family Pack Hamburger Deal
and Charleston's for their ribs.
(Just his two latest obsessions!)
We love you tons!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Throw Back Thursday...1st Day of School

It is sometimes hard to remember the days that I was home
from sun up to sun down with 5 little kids.
Other moms used to tell me to enjoy the time because they would soon be grown up.
I didn't believe them.  
I could not imagine the day that all my kids would be in school and I would be FREE!
But, just like that...they are all growing up! 

 Tia 1st Grade-1996

 Kimberly and Tia

 Now, Tia is a college graduate with a diploma to prove it...
and a soon to be mama with a baby of her own!

 Haley Kindergarten - 1998

 Now she's a girl with some serious orthodontic skills,
working part-time and attending MCC full-time
 chipping away at the pre-requisites for the dental hygiene program.

 Cassidy Kindergarten - 1999

 Cassidy and Katie

 Their first day of college-Summer Term at BYU,  June 2012.
Cassidy will be home to attend ASU in the fall majoring in nursing. 
 Katie will be back to BYU.
Not sure how these two are going to go to school without each other...
this will be the first time in their lives that they will not be attending the same school!
(I just shed a tear!)

 Clark Kindergarten-2001

 Rachael, Clark, Carie, Maddie and Bennett-Kindergarten Picture Day

Now Clark is a Junior at Mountain View.
A-hour starts bright and early at 6:45 am lifting weights.
No picture in his cute new is the football uniform every morning!

 Bennett Kindergarten-2003

 My baby is a Freshman at Mountain View!
He starts his morning at 5:30am at swim practice at Kino,
rushes home to shower and change and is off to A-hour with Clark.
These boys put in 12 hour days with football and swim practices each morning and afternoon
AND it was only 116 degrees yesterday!

Now it is just me and Echo...
and it is far too quiet!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Clark had the trip of a lifetime this past July!
He was invited to go to ALASKA with his friend Connor Ipsen and his family.
 Connor and Clark in front of the Ipsen's home on Craigs Island.
(The boys stayed in the bunk house on the right)

 They loved riding the Trail 90's through the lush vegetation

 They gorged themselves on the wild berries that lined the roads

 Spent most of their waking hours fishing
(Clark, Brad Ipsen, Grandpa Neville and Connor)

 Who needs football camp?
Pulling out a shrimp pot

 Saw tons of wildlife...deer, whales, black bears and bald eagles

Clark had the time of his life and we are grateful to friends that included him in their summer fun!
A great trip for sure!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Families are Forever

Families are Forever!
We know it and are so grateful to have this knowledge!

This beautiful little family is now facing their greatest trial
and being required to endure a heart ache that most of us can't even imagine.

We love them and are grateful for their example of
dedication, testimony, strength and grace 
as they walk into the future without their sweet little boy Dylan.
 Charlie, Dylan and Hannah

Stephanie and CJ (Curt's nephew)
Hannah, Charlie and Dylan

Their heartbreaking experience is here

Services for Dylan Dee Brown
Saturday, August 4, 2012
9:30am-10:45am Viewing
11:00am Funeral
LDS Chapel
33794 N. Gary Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

We love you C.J. and Stephanie!