Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cassidy is Famous!

Members from around the world entered the Church’s first International Video Contest to create their own Mormon Message.

Cassidy took part in the winning video that was made by Brother Brian Burnham, a seminary teacher at Mountain View. Click here to view the awesome video!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Class of 2011

I have been such a slacker in the blogging world.
I took tonight to get a bit caught up...
hope you have a while, there are quite a few new posts!

Haley has FINALLY graduated from Mountain View
and she was just a little excited!
 She couldn't forget the red shoes and red lips!

all 788 graduates waiting for their name to be read
(it took 35 minutes to read all the names)

 Haley has been blessed with ALOT of great friends

 Haley and Jake

 Haley and Michael

 Brimley, Monson, Haley

 Haley with her "guy friends"

 Haley and Hayden
doesn't that have a cute ring to it?
 Haley with boy BFF Reid

 Haley with BFF Makaylee
We will miss her when she goes to BYU this summer.
Haley has lots of Provo trips planned and Skype dates!

So fun to have the whole family together

 Gotta love the grandparents

Haley...Congratulations on all that you have accomplished!
We love you to death and are looking forward to watching
you live life to the fullest in the coming years!

Remember to smile!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baccalaureate and Seminary Graduation

Haley graduated from Seminary
 along with 43 others from our Stake.
Sister Kreig, Cassidy, Haley, Sister Shields
Oh, how we love them, our awesome Stake YW Leaders!

 Haley served with President Robinson
on the Stake Youth Committee.
He is still talking about her
dancing and karaoke skills from Girl's Camp last year. 
 She must take after her Grandma Charlene!

 Baccalaureate was so good and we look forward to
Cassidy following in Tia's footsteps as Senior Class President
and planning all the graduation activities for the class of 2012.

 Grandpa and Grandma are so supportive!

Haley with Ms. Scott, the Student Council Advisor.
Ms. Scott has served the past 5 years
with either Tia, Haley or Cassidy.
We have assured that next year will be the end
 of the Browns in Student Council.
Clark and Bennett are so not interested!

Good job, Haley!

Friday, May 20, 2011

End of School Awards

 Haley conducted the Awards Assembly at Mountain View.
It was so impressive to hear of all
the accomplishments of the students.
Over 14 million dollars worth of scholorships
 was awarded to Mountain View Seniors.

Haley was awarded the
"Outstanding Student Council Officer" Award
and the "Toro Friendship Award" with a $400.00 scholorship.
We are so proud of her and the amazing
high school experiences she has had.
She has definitely left her mark
with the students and administration...
we haven't met any one who doesn't
 consider her a friend and love her.
 My big 9th grade boy

Carie looked adorable on stage handing out awards!
She received the "4.0 Award" and "Top 20 9th grade Girls"
Clark received "Outstanding 9th Grade Male Athelete" and
"Scholor Athelete" Award
(play at least 3 sports and maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA)
Clark loves the girls!

Austin and Clark

Friday, May 13, 2011

Love's Lookin' Good on You

May 13, 2011

Tia and Brett were married at 3:45pm in the
Mesa Arizona Temple by Grandpa Clark.

We loved being surrounded by so many that mean so much.
Brett and Tia were calm, excited and oh, so happy!

We feel so blessed to have Brett a part of our family
and look forward to watching them live their lives together.

 I love seeing them wearing their wedding rings

 My beautiful girl

 We had this picture enlarged and framed for the centerpiece at the candy station

 I love this picture

 and this one...

Happy Eternities Mr. and Mrs. Allred!

We'll post reception pictures as soon as we get them!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prom 2011

Haley and Cassidy were so excited to attend Prom with
two great guys who were total gentlemen!
 Haley wanted a short dress for Prom.
In Macy's I found this dress for $16.00.
It was a one shoulder dress, so I bought two dresses and had a sleeve added.
The shoes we got on Dillard's clearance online for $14.99!
Oh, how I love a deal!

 Haley and Grandma Virginia

 Sassy pose with the $10.00 purse I found at Marshall's that matched perfectly!
(we added the cute broach for some extra bling!)

 Haley and date Sam

They looked so sharp

Have a blast Miss Haley...we love you!

We love cousin Stacia for always doing hair for the
important occasions in our lives!

 Grandpa, Cassidy, Grandma

 I love this girl...she is so low maintainence!
She wanted to wear this dress that
 Tia wore twice and Haley once.
I don't think I had to buy one thing for her this dance!

 What a beauty!

 Cassidy and date Kurt
(Curt went to Westwood with his Dad, Dave)

Our traditional dance pose!

We love you Cass...hurry home and give us the deets!