Friday, July 16, 2010

They're Off!

After two years of planning, fund-raising, and going to meetings...
today was the day that my two handsome Scouts
left for the National Scout Jamboree for 20 days!
It was quite the ordeal to get them packed and ready to go!
This is just half of their stuff.

I hope I remembered to tell them all the important things...
be kind to each other, follow all the rules,
don't leave your backpack unattended,
take your socks off right side out, hang up your wet towels,
say your prayers, wear sunblock, take lots of pictures,
write in your journal and don't miss me!
Did I forget anything?

Bennett and cousin Max
These two will be roommates for the entire trip!

The four Sainted Men who will lead, instruct and love
my boys for the next three weeks!

The Patrol...We love that all these boys are already friends!
Riley, Dallas, Ben, Damon, Max, Dallin, Bennett, Clark

I kept telling my boys that this was good mission prep for them.
I realize it is more of a prep for me...
they were way too excited for the big adventure ahead
to even realize how much I will miss them!

Tonight's stop will be Cleveland...
Saturday... Kirtland Temple, Morley & Johnson Farms,
Hill Cumorah Pageant
Sunday...Palmyra Ward, Sacred Grove,
Smith & Whitmer Farms
and that is just the beginning!

Have a wonderful trip!