Friday, November 30, 2012


 Landon Brett Allred
 was given a name and blessing by his father 
on November 25, 2012.

It was an honor to be present and hear Brett give his son such a beautiful blessing.
We are so lucky to call this cute little guy our grandson!
(Brett and Tia are pretty awesome, too!)

Landon wore the same blessing outfit that both
Clark and Bennett wore when they were blessed.

 Can you tell that we can't get enough of this cute baby?!

 He is loved and adored by everyone!

Great Grandpa and Grandma Clark
with their first great grandchild!

Most of the Allred clan was in the valley for Thanksgiving weekend, 
so it worked out perfectly for them to be at Landon's blessing.
(I am so sad we didn't get a big Allred family picture!)

After the meetings, everyone came over for a light lunch of soup, salad and rolls
before they headed back to their homes in Willcox and Bowie.
 Look at how many cute cousins Landon has in the Allred Family!
He is #29! (I think)

It was so fun to visit with Brett's siblings! 
 Tia and Landon are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 Thanksgiving 2012 was a great success!
We loved having our Estes cousins make the trek from Boise for some turkey!
(We missed Brett and Tia, Kimberly, and the Snows!)

ET and Kristin always do such a great job of hosting.
 We began the afternoon with the Dutch hymn, "Prayer of Thanksgiving",
a poem read by Grandma, and everyone sharing one thing they were thankful for.

 Seminary, scriptures, prayer, skype, family, temples, pets, and a mission call
were just a few of the blessings mentioned.

Haley shared her experiences and feelings that led up to her decision to serve a mission.

The decor, food and company were perfect!

 David and Robin

 Some of the Jr./Sr. high school group...
Lydia, Carie, Samantha and Clark

Watching football

 Bennett and Haley enjoying the pie buffet

 Grandma and Grandpa

 Matthew, Max, Amy and Bennett
8th, 9th, and 10th grade group...

 The Freshman in college...
Abbey, Cassidy and Katie

 Beautiful girls!

Haley #4 grandchild and Ruthie #23!

Gotta love this group!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

911 and Visiting the 801

With three December birthdays and Christmas fast approaching, 
Curt and I had planned to get a jump on the shopping.
It was a nice, warm Saturday afternoon and the kids were busy doing their various activities.
Cassidy, Clark and Bennett were working for our neighbor
 putting up Christmas decorations and pruning her yard.
All was going as planned until we received a call from Cassidy 
informing us that Clark had accidently cut a chunk out of Bennett's finger.
We hurried home to find this...
 The boys were working together cutting back some bushes.
Bennett would hold the bush branches as Clark would cut them off.
With one quick snip, Bennett's finger was caught in the Fiskar scissors.
(who knew those things were so sharp?)
As good boy scouts, they found the cut chunk of finger just in case it could be reattached.

We called our best doctor friend and took Bennett to the ER where he was working.
Dr. Gallman numbed his finger, cauterized the wound, and bandaged it up.
No reattachment needed.

After the drama, all I could think about was Bennett's first basketball game in three days.
I was prepared for some name calling and blaming, but Bennett didn't utter one complaint.
He went to basketball practice and played in his first game.
It was obvious that he was in pain and a bit apprehensive about playing too aggressively,
but he played...and he played great!
#34 at the free throw line

Haley in the meantime was having a great time in Provo!
 Haley and Brimley at J Dawgs

 Haley and Rachael

 Madi, Haley and Makaelee after seeing the movie "Pitch Perfect"

Hiking the "Y"
(Don't even want to know what time this occurred and the explanation for the outfit!)

 Makaelee and Haley doing baptisms at the Provo Temple

Haley has great friends!
She loved hanging out with them,
visiting with her Snow cousins,
and checking up on the BYU freshmen cousins, Katie and Abbey.

And Bennett's finger, although ugly, is healing well!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birthday Girl

 Cassidy turned 19 on November 13th!
Curt and I spent the afternoon with her driving around town to collect her FREE Birthday food!
 Joe's BBQ

 Liberty Market

 Firehouse Subs

Later that evening, she made stops to Taco Bell, Cold Stone Creamery and Panda Express.
Needless to say we ate well that day!

We also made a surprise stop at the AT&T Store for her birthday gift.
A new IPhone!!!!!
 Cassidy's request...19 Spice Cake cupcakes

 We love this girl and are so grateful she belongs to us!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Called to Serve

After patiently waiting...Haley's call came on Friday, November 2nd.

She greeted the mail man at the mail box, with his delivery in hand.
She screamed and jumped up and down as she recognized the big white envelope.
The mail man continued down the street shaking his head and laughing!

Clark had a football game at 7 PM, so we sent out word that Haley would be
opening her call at 10:30 PM at our house after the game.

We scrambled to get donuts, set out the guessing map and to gather chairs,
all before Mountain View's first big playoff game.
(Sadly, we lost to Desert Mountain)

 Just minutes after receiving her special delivery!

Haley was too excited to remember to look at the postage,
 so Cassidy made sure to cover it up with white duct tape.
(supposedly, if the postage is $1.90, it means a foreign call, which held true for Haley)

 Friends and family took turns guessing where Haley would serve!

 The house was PACKED with awesome friends, family, church leaders and co-workers

 Thanks to Bennett for video-taping, Kristin for the pictures,
and Cassidy for holding all the cell phones connecting out of town friends and family.

The pictures tell the rest of the story...!!!!!!!!

 Peru Lima West Mission
 Spanish speaking
Reports directly to the Peru MTC on April 10, 2013

 Bishop and Sister Wright of the YSA 3rd Ward

 It was an unexpected blessing that BFF Makaylee just happened to be flying home
 this weekend from BYU and arrived minutes before Haley was to open her call!

  3 people guessed she would serve in Peru!

Life is good and we are so grateful for Haley's choice to serve a mission!
We know that she will be blessed as she serves and loves the people of Peru!

Click here to see the video of Haley opening her call!