Monday, August 31, 2009

Badminton Babe

Cassidy broke the mold for our family with this one!

All summer she talked about trying out for the badminton team at Mountain View. Really? We have never played badminton! I called the coach and she suggested a summer clinic. Unfortunately, the only Mesa clinic was during Girl's Camp. It didn't faze her. She went to the meetings, dressed out for tryouts and made the exhibition team without any playing experience! She has since worked her way up the ladder and is now playing on the JV team. Although the team is experiencing a "building year", the uniforms are ugly (not to mention huge on Cass!), and they actually condition by running laps and weight training, she LOVES it!
Ready for the birdie...

Not quite ready for the birdie...

Going for the birdie...

We should have thought of playing this sport years ago! Does it get any better than sitting inside an air conditioned gym during the dead of summer? Sure beats football and tennis in that regard!
(sorry about the picture quality...if only I knew how to work my camera!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Boy

Clark turned 14!

His cousins Samantha and Carie took good care of him by outfitting him with a birthday poster to wear around school. Of course he immediately folded it up and stuck it in his backpack. I loved the notes they wrote him, and especially the picture of Clark and Carie lovin' on each other as toddlers!

Thanks girls! Even though he didn't wear it around school, I know he loved it!

Clark was ordained to the office of a teacher on Sunday, August 30th.
We love this kid...even though he doesn't love our kissing!
He is such a teenage boy!

We are so blessed to have grandparents who love our kids and support them in everything they do. What a special day it was!
We love you, Clark!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kids with Class!

Can't believe summer is over, I'm home alone and all my kids are starting another year of school! Bennett, my baby, is in 6th grade! Although I hate to see him grow up, I am ready to be done with elementary school.

Brooke and Bennett on their way to school. This is the first year we have ever let any of the kids ride their bikes and Bennett was beyond excited to have that freedom.

Clark, of all the kids, has grown the most this past year. So crazy to think he is in 8th grade.

Cassidy is a big Sophomore. After having numerous nightmares about not being able to find her classes, walking her schedule twice, arming herself with her schedule and school map, I was feeling pretty confident that she would be just fine. A half hour before leaving she announced she was ready to throw up. Come to find out she didn't love my favorite Oatmeal Pancakes that I made for breakfast! Hope she likes her sack lunch!

No worries here...Haley has been up at the school all week working on Student Council stuff and loving every minute of it. She even made my day by calling me at lunch to report that she was having a blast, loving her classes and wanting my approval for her upcoming weekend plans. Can't believe she is a junior and almost half-way through her high school experience.

Man, I love these girls! And by the way...why didn't I look this cute in high school?

Showing their school pride! Go Toros! Haley was more than willing to be the Mt. View chauffeur this year. She is one lucky girl to be able to drive "Bill". (Thanks G & G Clark for entrusting her with a family relic!)

The carpool...Haley, Katie, Cassidy, Taylor
The cookies are baking and I can't wait to hear all about everybody's day!
Hurry home!

The End of Summer

What do you do when you have been to football camp, basketball camp, scout camp, participated on swim team, gone on family vacation and you know it is just a matter of time until it all comes to a screeching halt? Play mega long games of Monopoly!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stacey's Baptism

Oh, Happy Day!
Stacey was baptized on August 1, 2009 in Tempe.
Stacey's conversion story is amazing. She worked as a burn tech at Maricopa County Hospital last August 16th when Christian and Stephanie were transported there after their plane accident. Stacey was impressed with the family love and support that she witnessed on behalf of C & S. Curt would visit with her when he would go to the hospital and they would have many discussions on what she was feeling, seeing and the beliefs that we all shared as members of the church. She eventually came to our ward and then took the first discussion. Her life got complicated and we lost touch for several months. Then, just a month ago, she called Curt and said she needed to talk. She agreed to once again have the missionary discussions. After a chance meeting with the Tempe Mission President in Fiesta Mall, (we live in the Mesa Mission) Curt explained to him the situation of wanting to teach Stacey in our home, but that we lived outside of his mission. He quickly gave his permission for his missionaries to travel outside of their mission to our home and give Stacey the first discussion. The subsequent discussions were then taught in the home of Stacey's new bishop. She has been lovingly welcomed into her new ward in Tempe and we feel very honored and to have been a part of her special day. Curt and Stacey...

The Tempe Elders who taught Stacey the missionary lessons...

We missed Haley and Cassidy who were at Girl's Camp and Tia who had work, but it was a special day, nonetheless.
Just a side note to make this story come full circle: We received the text from Stacey saying she was going to be baptized while we were in Provo. At the very moment we received this news, we were visiting Christian and Stephanie in their home.
Stephanie immediately texted Stacey back with her love and congratulations.
Conincidence? I think not...
Stacey looks forward to the day when she can personally visit with Christian and Stephanie and thank them for their example and support.
Stay tuned...