Thursday, June 16, 2011

We've Come Along Way, Baby!


Engagement Picture

Wedding Picture

June 7, 1986

It's been a great ride with this guy!
I love you, Curtis Leroy Brown...

Monday, June 13, 2011

We Survived!

The Mesa Central Stake Pioneer Trek
June 2-4, 2011
Forest Lakes, Arizona
"Faith in Every Footstep"

To say that I did not want to go would be a mild understatement!
I was terrifed!
I don't camp...ever!
Camp LoMia and Cheyenne Ranch are roughing it for me,
so the thought of freezing cold nights and port-o- potties
brought me no comfort.
I begged, pleaded and harrassed Curt to get me out of it,
(due to my fragile mental state),
but he was absolutely no help.
So, I got in the zone, bucked up and did it.
The anticipation was far worse than the reality.
I slept warm, and even though the bathroom situation was nasty,
I survived!

(I have reminded President Robinson that this is a
once in a lifetime experience!)

Curt and I were Pa and Ma to some great kids!
 We walked 25 miles in three days (14 miles the first day).
The first night was tough, rolling into a pitch black camp at 9:30pm,
exhausted and hungry.
The kids threw down their tarps, sleeping bags and slept,
some without dinner.
Dinner was broth and bread
 and the temperature that night was 29 degrees.
The good news...the broth was hot and the bread was delicious,
and I slept soooo warm!
Clark said he woke up in the night to hear
 girls crying and shivering,
men snoring and
women moaning!

The girls in our family were tough!
We learned so much from the Women's Pull and Rocky Ridge.

I loved getting a glimpse of my awesome children
hard at work and filthy dirty.

Cassidy gave a wonderful talk at our
Stake Trek Family Reunion Fireside
and shared her testimony and experiences of the Trek.

The experiences we shared on the trek changed us...changed me,
and we are grateful to have had this time
 to really reflect on the sacrifices
made by the early saints.

We Survived!

Thanks Brett & Tia for taking such good care of Bennett
and to the Snows for outfitting us in our Pioneer dresses!