Thursday, March 28, 2013


Clark has had his braces off for a year and we just received his picture in the mail,
courtesy of Garn & Mason Orthodontics.

Love that smile!

Nicole Mason has taken some my favorite photos of the kids!

To see Bennett and Haley and Cassidy click HERE and HERE

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good - Bye Part 3

One of Cassidy's best friends left this morning to begin her service as a missionary.
She entered the Provo MTC ready to begin learning the Swedish language.
She is headed to Stockholm Sweden in just six short weeks!

Haley and friends headed to their spot...BJ's for a final get together before Madi left.
This group is shrinking by the week!
 Haley, Sarah, Madi, Kenzie, Katie

One last picture with Madi right after she was set apart.
She is now Hermana Rush... 
spending her first night in the Dominican Republic Santa Domingo West Mission!

Haley is next....13 days and counting!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Pageant Angels

Haley and Cassidy have been participating in the Easter Pageant this year.  
It has been a great way for Haley to spend her last few weeks at home
before she reports on her mission.

We participated in it as a family in 2008 and it was awesome!
A huge time commitment, but we had an incredible experience.
I can't watch the pageant now without having 
all of those feelings of being in the cast come flooding back. 
We recite the narration, sing the songs, listen for the ques,
 and remember how amazing it was to be back stage
 and watch the crucifixion and garden scenes.

Curt played an apostle, Tia an angel, Bennett was a young shepherd who got to hold the lamb,
and the rest of us were multitude people.

 This year Haley and Cassidy are both angels!
Their performance takes place up on the roof of the stage.
The are in the birth, resurrection and finale scenes.

 One of the favorite parts of being in the cast 
is mingling with the crowd before the show begins.
It is fun to see friends, as well as meet lots of new people,
many of which want to take a picture with you!

with Jesus

 the Roman Soldiers

cousins Kyle and Brittney and their cute little girls, Addison and Charly are also in the cast


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good - Bye Part 2

This is getting real...
Savannah is outta here!

Reporting today to the Provo MTC to begin her service as a missionary
in the Richmond Virginia Mission (Spanish speaking)!

Madi is next and then in 4 weeks...
I can't even think about it!

Love these girls so much!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Good-Bye Part 1

It is really happening...
Haley and her friends are beginning to leave on their missions.

Makaelee is the first.
She reported February 27th to the Provo MTC 
to serve in the Washington DC North Mission and the DC Temple Visitor's Center.

These two have been the best of friends and were even in the same preschool class!

We miss her already, but she is going to do wonderful things!

Can't wait to hear all about the experiences these girls will have.