Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bennett!

Bennett is our caboose and what a great way to finish!

6 months...he has eyes to die for! (and they still work!)

3 years...always trying to keep up with the big kids and doing a good job!


10 years...

Bennett loves babies, animals, National Geographic, and ME!

He is always so kind and considerate to others and never forgets a "thank you".
(He even told me "thank you" for this post!)

Bennett is also very obedient and wants to do what is right. He is often the one to remind us to pray and read our scriptures.

Last night when Grandma and Grandpa came over to give him his birthday money, before they had even left, he had his tithing counted and the slip ready to turn in to the bishop.

He is a wonderful example to all of us!
He got a fishing pole for his birthday and an early morning fishing outing with just Dad!

Although he didn't make a catch, we sure did when he became a part of our family!

We love you, Bennett! Happy 11th Birthday!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Happy Birthday Bennett! I will agree with your mom about the eyes and everything else she said. We think you are great and we love you! Don't you want to come to Utah to visit?

clark family said...

Happy Birthday! We love the pictures of you as a little boy -- that doesn't seem so long ago. Thank you for being a great friend and example to Matthew. We love you!

Suz said...

hmmmm... I have a little plan for Bennettin about 13 more years! He is sooo cute!

Jen Olson Brown said...

Happy birthday! Your family sure did make a great catch with you and we are grateful for you too!