Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo Shoot

Haley spent the first six hours of last Saturday
being a model in a photoshoot.

They had their hair, makeup and wardrobe professionally done,
and she loved being a part of it with so many of her friends.

Go here to see the sneak peek!

Can you pick out Haley?
(she is the one in the bottom left)

Last year, Haley's friends had the same photographer capture some cute shots of them all together.

Go here to see that fun photo shoot!

We can hardly wait to see the rest of the shots!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Haley had a blast at Prom last night!
It is so fun to get all glammed up for a night with friends!
For a girl that isn't too frilly, she sure cleans up well!

A huge "thank you" to Kimberly for loaning Haley a dress.
It is quite a chore to find a modest prom dress,
and after several shopping trips,
and a purchase online that didn't fit,
we were saved by the offer to try one of Kimberly's dresses.
It was perfect and Haley loved it!

(I loved her cute ring!)

The big gold bow was adorable...

We loved having all the support as Haley waited to be picked up.

It was a bit of dejavu for these two...
We were so glad to have Kimberly back home
after her first year at BYU.

My three favorite girls!!!!
Cassidy was off with a group of friends to work at Prom.
It was a great initiation into Student Council.
Tia spent the evening with her girlfriends celebrating
BFF McKenzie's
upcoming wedding in two weeks!

We love this girl!

The most awkward part of the night, but we managed to get
the boutonniere to stay on long enough for the pictures!

Alex gave Haley the most beautiful corsage!

The cute couple!
The night's activities included:
A yummy dinner at a friend's house,
tons of pictures,
prom royalty announced,
(Haley was nominated for Prom Princess,
but was not the lucky winner...
isn't it just an honor to be nominated?!)
and entertainment by a professional magician.

It was such a great night and Haley had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Honor Society

Cassidy and Haley were both inducted into
National Honor Society.
The ceremony lasted exactly 23 minutes. 
It was a beautiful thing!
Cassidy, Haley, Mr. Kleiner, Katie & Taylor
Good job, girls!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Breinholt Cousin Picnic

We have been enjoying this annual cousin picnic for years,
and I think this is the first year I have thought to take pictures.
The first generation cousins have so many
great memories of growing up together
and we often hear of their escapades and memories. 
It is really remarkable that so many
 in this big family live in the valley.
It is a great opportunity for our kids to put names to faces
and to meet their second cousins.
Stay tuned for lots of pictures...
Addison, Heidi, Kenna, Jalee, Cassidy, Aubree, Kade, Aunt Jackie

Davey and Curt

Charlie and C.J.

Carson and Brandt

Brett, Tia, Kyle and Brittney

Stacia and Breckyn

Haley and Grandma Charlene

Deborah, Tiffany, Ava and Jason

Wayne, Addison and Brittney

Haley, Cassidy, Jalee, Corey

Brandt, Clark, Caleb

Bennett, Naaman, Elijah
Eathan, Jacob, Isaac

Grandma Charlene, Brian, Allison holding Zeke, Todd, Carson, Jen

I wish I could have snapped a picture of everyone,
but that would have cut into my visiting time!
Thanks to all who were able to come!
We are already looking forward to next year.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

This past Saturday, the calendar was miraculously blank,
so we took full advantage and decided to do some deep cleaning. 
Everyone pitched in and helped
and we were able to get so much done!
(sorry girls, no pictures of your hard work!)
We cleaned all the ceiling fans, light fixtures
and changed out light bulbs...

The boys vacuumed the couch and chair cushions...

We also wiped down all the shutters and window sills,
dusted all the plant shelves,
hosed off the decorative plants,
and cleaned under and behind the refrigerator.

Typing this, it doesn't seem like that much, but it took all day.
We were exhausted, but for some sick reason,
I loved every minute of it!