Monday, October 31, 2011

October 2011

 Haley and Skyler attended the Taylor Swift concert
and LOVED it!
Gotta love their neon accessories, red lips and the DIY T-shirts!

 Clark played his final JV football game.
He was pulled up to varsity for their final game.
He played awesome and scored his first varsity touchdown!
During the varsity game he wore #5 and it wasn't until the last quarter of the game that the announcers realized they had been calling him Kevin Nelson, a 5'11", 190 lb senior all night.
We thought it was hilarious and had a few good laughs!

Cassidy said she was famous after Clark's stellar performance during the varsity game!
He caught 6 passes for 125 yards and led the team in receiving.

 Brett turned the big 25!
He and Tia spent his birthday weekend in Sedona at a little bed and breakfast
 and then joined us Sunday night for his birthday dinner
topped off with German Chocolate cake!

Bennett dressed up as a nerd for Halloween and the girls couldn't keep their hands off of him!
We enjoyed our traditional dinner of goulosh in pumpkin bread bowls
at Grandpa and Grandma Clark's!