Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Concert Time

Tonight was Bennett's orchestra concert at school.

Bennett had a smile on his face the entire concert.  Every time a camera would flash, he would look at me in the audience and smile.  

We were lucky that Grandma and Grandpa were able to attend.

Aniston and Janet, two cute cousins that played in the 6th grade orchestra...
and just happen to be in our ward!

The four cutest boys in the orchestra...Vance, Tanner, Bennett and Trent.
After the concert, it was off to basketball practice.
I just love a well-rounded boy!


Michelle said...

I am so impressed with Bennett's choice to play in the orchestra- and that he chose my favorite instrument. The concert was great. Dr. Johnson has done a great job educating and encouraging our children. You are awesome for supporting your adorable son in his musical endeavors!!!

Ruthann said...

Keep up all your hard work Bennett! We wish we could of heard you play.

Michelle said...

Ya right...(mumbleing voice) The cutest boys in the concert.sure

Michelle said...

The one a bove this is mine.Janet:)