Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Bennett, Curt, and Clark hiked to Reavis Ranch
with the Scouts in the ward.
They had to pack their gear 14 miles round trip.  I cheated and packed them Panda Express for their dinner and a Filiberto's burrito for breakfast.  They needed some kind of motivation since
Clark accused me of "ruining his life" by making him go on the outing instead being able to
hang out on a Friday Night.

Clark ran the 10K Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning and placed 2nd in his age group and 38th overall with a time of 38:44. 

Kristin and E.T. hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner.
We had a nice program before dinner where we sang "Prayer of Thanksgiving" and everyone shared what they were thankful for...
home, family, temples, education, seminary,
good friends, and the gospel
were what our family was thankful for this year.

Katie, Samantha, Carie

Clark and Cassidy

Haley and Tia

 It was fun to have Grandma Geri with us again this year!

The "teen table"

Max loading up on the delicious food!

Saying good-bye to Grandma Geri.

We also celebrated Cassidy's 17th Birthday.  It wasn't the best birthday on record considering she was really sick and wasn't even up for cake.  Sadly, no pictures of the day!

We also celebrated Curt's 47th Birthday!
Man, are we getting old!