Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Katie Heads to Calgary!

We know her as Katie,
but for the next 18 months she will be wearing the badge of Sister Davis!

Katie was set apart tonight as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
She will report to the Provo MTC tomorrow to begin her mission to Canada Calgary.

This girl is amazing and has an amazing story.
She is going to work miracles in Calgary!

We now have two of our girls serving missions!

 We missed having Haley with us soooooo much!
Haley was landing in Lima, Peru at the exact time that Katie was being set apart!
  I don't find that to be a coincidence, just a tender mercy and sweet example 
of how their two lives have been intertwined through the years.

 It was special to have Katie's sister, Anna, and her husband, Logan attend the setting apart.

 Katie and best friend Sarah, who will be off on her own adventure this September,
as she begins an internship in Italy for the State Department!

 Grandpa and Grandma Clark were also invited to attend.
Grandpa was able to give Katie her patriarchal blessing several months ago.

  President Robinson is one of Katie's biggest fans!

 The awesome Stradling Family, who also claims Katie as one of their own!

 Katie gave her farewell talk on Sunday in the Evergreen Ward.
It was awesome!

Until we meet again...We love you Sister Davis!

To read Katie's farewell talk and follow her mission....go here!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Toro Track 2013

Another track season has come and gone.
Both Clark and Bennett had great seasons.

Initially, Bennett said he wasn't going to do track,
 but after a bit of pressure from his loving parents and the track coach, 
he agreed.

At the beginning of the season, he was not loving it, but he never complained.  

When asked, he said it was hard and he hated the running, but we told him to just keep going.
His events were the high jump, 400m and the 4x400 relay.

He loved the high jump and by the end of the season, without much training or style,
he was 3rd or 4th on the Varsity team.
 At one of the Invitational meets, Bennett's relay team took 2nd place.

He also took 1st place in the high jump with his personal best of 5'10".
We are so proud of him and his hard work...he missed qualifying for State by 1",
but look out next year...this kid is determined and ready to soar!

Bennett was named "Most Improved Freshman Athlete" 
and earned a Varsity letter.
We are excited to see what this guy can do in the years to come!

To say  that Clark LOVES track is an understatement!
This guy trains hard, studies the various strategies of each of his events,
learns about what foods to eat, and knows the names and stats of his competition.
He thrives on personally improving in each of his events.
One of his goals for this season, 
was to get personal bests in each of his events and to qualify for the State Meet.

This year was hard!
It was one of the fastest years in recent history.

Clark definitely had his work cut out for him and he knew it.
It wasn't a given that he would even qualify for state.
But he worked and worked and worked, giving it everything he had at every practice.

 Warming up

 Waiting for the call

in the blocks and ready to go!

At the State Qualifying Meet Clark PR'd in each of his events 
and qualified for State!
He is now in the Mountain View Record Books 
in each of his events and broke the school record 
for the 200m that had been held since 2002!

                         100m                   10.87          9th in State          5th in MV records
                         200m                   21.62          6th in State          1st in MV records
                         400m                   49.14          6th in State          5th in MV records
                         4x100 relay          41.84          4th in State          1st in MV records (2012)                            
                         4x400 relay       3:19.72          5th in State          5th in MV records (2012)

You have to love a teacher and a coach that take the time 
to write an encouraging note!

Clark was named MVP for the Track team 
and received a plaque 
honoring the school record that he now holds.
(The trophy is ginormous...I have no idea what we are going to do with it!)

And, if that wasn't enough....

Carie's 4x800 relay team took 2nd in State
 and 1st in the MV records with a time of 9:21.93!
 Carie getting the baton

 twice around the track is a killer and Carie was awesome!

Go Toro Girls!

(Clark and Carie hanging out under the bleachers during the long, hot meet)
May 11, 2013

What a great track season for these Clark cousins!
We can't wait until next year when Natalie will join the ranks!

What's Been Goin On!

It is May and life is marching on!

Bennett participated in the Broadway Revue choir performance.
His group sang songs from "Bye Bye Birdie"

 Good thing he has a killer smile, because if you notice...

everyone else is doing the choreography!
Bennett said he didn't really know it and thought it was dumb!
We loved helping Max on his Eagle Project!
Baby Landon is everyone's favorite!

 Cassidy went to the premiere of "The Great Gatsby"

Cassidy and Danielle

 Taking Echo to the Vet for the first time was...interesting!
It was a proud moment when they said he had beautiful teeth
and was very well behaved!

 My Mother's Day gift from Clark that he so sweetly presented to me in the hall at church.
Thanks to his Sunday School teacher, I received a very heartfelt card!

My Mother's Day gift from Bennett.
I have never in my life had a sticker on my car!
Only the baby of the family could get away with slapping this on my back window.