Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century...

Curt finally did it. He bought an iphone. He has been talking about doing it for months, if not years. When he brought it home, the kids went crazy! I must say, it has been really fun! The other day he spent over 6 hours at the apple store with our computer having everything synchronized to his phone. ( I am sure there are some tech savvy terms, for that, but I don't know them!) It is a beautiful thing!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Hard Lesson

Teenagers + Cars = Accident!

Last night, the girls invited some friends over to watch a movie outside on the projector. Part way into the movie, a group of high school kids (a few of which Haley knew), stopped by to say "hi". They stayed for less than five minutes, piled back into the car, and sped down Oracle. The 16 year old driver became distracted, missed the stop sign at 8th Street, barreled through the intersection and was hit broadside by a car heading east on 8th Street. The collision was loud and brought all the neighbors out of their houses. None of the teenagers were wearing seat belts. Two boys were transported to hospitals, one requiring five staples to his head, the other with a concussion. Friends were there immediately, followed by firetrucks, ambulances, and eventually the police and parents. Luckily, no one was severely injured, but after the movie was over and friends left, a discussion ensued reiterating our family rules and what we had learned.

1. ALWAYS wear a seatbelt

2. NO driving with young, inexperienced drivers

3. Driving is a HUGE responsibility and not one to be taken lightly.

4. When you get dropped off at a party or event, that is where you stay.
NO LEAVING without permission


6. ALWAYS tell the truth to your parents, even if you have made a bad choice

7. GOOD FRIENDS with your same values, rules and standards are sooooo critical

8. Your privileges are dependent upon choosing good friends and maintaining trust

9. When your parents lecture, warn and threaten,

Lessons learned!

One of LIfe's Hard Lessons

Football Fun

Bennett had his first flag football game Saturday afternoon. The "Bears" gave it their all, but came up short at the end, losing by 6 points. Bennett played quarterback and safety and did a great job! We will be glad in a couple of weeks when the weather at 4pm is not 100 degrees!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yes! on 102

This sign appeared in our yard on Monday. As the kids came home from their various activities that afternoon, their curiosity was peaked and it was the perfect lead in to our already planned topic for FHE.

Prop 102 "Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state"

Several weeks ago, when the buzz about this proposition was at its peak, I was the one saying, "what's the big deal...it doesn't affect me...why is the church deciding to take such a stand on this particular issue?". I guess I am just a little slow, but after discussing it with Curt and others, I gradually began to get it. It wasn't until I read this press release from the church's website, that I really understood why we need to take a stand and to be vocal about it. We had a great discussion with all the kids about this article and the upcoming vote on November 4th.

Just this afternoon, I was called to help as a volunteer in this effort. I am to contact the members of our ward that live on my street and make sure they are registered to vote and to encourage them to vote by early ballot.

If you live in Arizona, Vote Yes on 102 on November 4th!

(I am Alison Brown and I approve this message!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simply Stunning!

Oh, how I love, love, love these girls!

Thanks to Garn and Mason Orthdontics for the beautiful smiles and photos!

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Tis the Season"

It is that time of year again! Toro football is in full force. For many years I fought the whole highschool football tradition. I mean, didn't I already graduate some 20 years ago? Hadn't I already done my duty? But when the whole family decides that Toro Stadium is the only place to be on a Friday night, I had a choice to make. It wasn't a hard decision last year. We had number 97 to cheer on. And the post game fireworks (Buddy and Tia) made it fun! But all that has changed. I had to decide again whether to embrace the tradition or to fight it. I decided to invest in stadium chairs, get decked out in the only Toro shirt I own and participate with pride in "extreme red out" day. Does it get any better than sitting by my "Westwood Warrior" for 2 uninterrupted hours and singing the Toro fight song? ..."together always be, Ole!" Now, I actually look forward to Friday nights.

P.S. Curt's firm designed the Game Day shirts that the girls are wearing. I must say, they look great!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

This is one of our favorite pictures of Grandma! It was taken just a few weeks after she and Grandpa arrived in Trinidad to serve a two year mission. I remember when the kids first saw it and the excitement and laughter that ensued. We have since framed it and it sits on display in our family room to remind us how much we LOVE Grandma!

Why do we love Grandma? Let us count the ways:

We love her example of service to others

We love how she remembers the special times in our lives
(comforters on 8th birthdays, pearl necklaces for the girls when they turn 16, birthday cards, special Christmas letters, notes and books on mothers and fathers day, etc.)

We love going to her house for Sunday dinners with the favorite mashed potatoes and gravy

We love her warm welcomes every time we come to visit

We love her frequent phone calls to check up on us

We love her entries in the Meldrum Memo. They are always so descriptive and deep!

We love that there is always chocolate hiding somewhere in her cupboards!
(I found some just the other day, yummy!)

We love how she continually teaches us with her spiritual insights and thoughts

And the list goes on and on and on...

We are so blessed to live near you and to have your influence in each of our lives. We are proud and honored to be your children and grandchildren!

We love you! Happy, Happy Birthday!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the winner is...

Yea! Haley won for Sophomore Class Spirit Commissioner!

Go Panthers!

Cassidy cheered in her first football game last night against Fremont. Since I always watch the cheerleaders at games anyway, it was especially fun to watch Cassidy and Katie chant, stunt, flip and dance! They looked awesome and all their hard work has paid off. Go girls!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Best Fish in the Sea!

Haley is running for Sophomore Class Spirit Commissioner at Mountain View. Her theme is "The Best Fish in the Sea! For her speech she rapped/sang some "fishy ditty" that we desperately put together (Uncle David also helped to fine tune it! THANK YOU!) She wore huge snorkeling goggles (her 1 allowed prop) during her speech, and was mortified to discover that one of the other girls she is running against also wore goggles! What are the chances? Haley said she was just glad that she was first. The speeches were taped last week and posters and fliers were made over the weekend. Tia was a dear and went early to school with Haley to hang up all her posters and fliers. Today she shamelessly (Curt's words) decked herself in the Mt. View red and blue and wore some of her fliers around her neck and pinned on her backpack. We had to decline her request to pin one on her fanny! The speeches will be viewed tomorrow during first hour and hopefully by the end of the school day we will know the results. Stay tuned...