Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tia and her BFF Buddy

April 1st at 12:00pm this guy starts a great adventure...
The MTC for 9 weeks...
And ROME, ITALY for 2 years...

We are sure going to miss him around here, but can't wait to hear all about the wonderful experiences he will have on his mission!

See you in 2 years, Elder Koozer!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not Just Another "Crush"!

D.A.V.I.D. A.R.C.H.U.L.E.T.A

At our house this weekend that equaled....L.O.V.E.!

Lauren, Taylor, Shiersten and Cassidy were major groupies!
They had the shirts printed...
They stood in line for 9 hours to get in the concert...
(it was general admission)
They managed to get in the front row at the concert...
AND they were interviewed on the 6 o'clock news!
Cassidy said it was the best night of her life!

The night before the concert, David did a fireside for our Stake.
He answered questions from the audience and sang a few songs.
She says she's in love...(I say it's just another CRUSH!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some you win, Some you lose!

Today both Clark and Bennett's teams played in the league championship games.

These guys played their hearts out, only to come up short by 1 point in overtime!
These guys WON the trophy and bragging rights!
After two overtimes, they won in sudden death!
It was an incredible game to watch!
Congratulations guys!

Family Firsts

We've had a lot of firsts in our family lately...

Our FIRST junior high track meet...
Cassidy's events are the discus and long jump.
At yesterday's meet, she was put in to run the 800 (2 laps)...
Curt's words of encouragement were, "Run slow, Cass!"
She hasn't trained for this event and were were nervous that she might go too fast too soon.
She hung with the group and was awesome!
Curt was close to tears!

Our FIRST wrestling match...

Clark's FIRST pin. He wrestled 3 matches, winning two.
After the initial shock of seeing him in a singlet,
I told him if he got ringworm or cauliflower ears,
we were done!

Getting some long distance coaching from cousin C.J.!
Man, we have great examples in this family!
It means the world to my boys to have their older cousins showing them the way.

Bennett participated in "Lehi Days".
This kid is all about the animals.
He loves to study "craigslist" for any good deals on horses.
Don't know where we would put one, but keep dreamin' little buddy!

Bennett's FIRST rodeo ride...
Way to hang in there, cowboy!

Which is exactly what I am trying to do keeping up with all these kids!

Sadie Hawkins 2009

Haley had Sadie Hawkins last week.

They had their day activity two weeks ago, where they played laser tag and had tons of fun!

Haley and her date Hayden...

The group (minus Hayden who had to come later due to a baseball tournament)...
They had a BBQ for dinner, went to the dance, and then played games.

Haley with one of her favorite dates...Grandpa on his way to the temple...

I thought their shirts turned out so cute! The theme was "Sadie Goes Overboard"
This is the back of the shirt with all the names of the couples in their group.

And Haley again...
Can't believe this girl can date and drive!
Never a dull moment with her!
We love you, girl!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Madness

This is NOT a post about basketball!

It is about me...and my reluctance to let go.

Clark is almost done with his Deacon section of the Duty to God Program.

The last goal he needs to accomplish is doing his own laundry and ironing for one month!

I have put this off for a year and a half! I don't want my kids to do their own laundry!

I have a system, one that works well, and I am very capable of managing it on my own.

I tell my kids it is my "gift" to them and they are fine with it.

Then I was reminded that this is a mission prep tool.

With that, Clark and I decided that March was his month.

So, today, he has done 3 loads of his own laundry and ironed his white shirt for tomorrow.

I taught him the tried and true method for ironing a dress shirt. One my mother taught me for my 9th grade English demonstration assignment.

Collar, yoke, sleeves, body...works everytime.

Clark has done a great job and is a quick learner!

I just might survive my "March Madness" after all!