Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Cassidy!

Today is Cassidy's 15th Birthday!

While she is having fun at "The Happiest Place on Earth" with her friend Emmy, I am reminiscing about why I am "The Happiest Mom on Earth!"

Cassidy was born 11 months after Haley (call me crazy!) and was the BEST BABY ever.

Cassidy at 3 months in her blessing dress...

Cassidy at 6 months wearing the heirloom pearl necklace that my Grandma Maude Clark gave me as a little girl...

(All my girls have pictures like this that I LOVE!)

Cassidy at 4 years old. I love the curly hair and bow!

And...Cassidy today! Beautiful, smart, kind, sensitive, funny, musical, obedient and ALL MINE!
Love and miss you, Cass! Can't wait until your return so we can celebrate right!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Not only am I the Happiest Mom, but also the luckiest...I have two 15 year old girls for the next 27 days!

Here is a letter/poem that I wrote for Cassidy to read at Girl's Camp last summer.

My perfect little baby
Rarely a whimper or a cry
Happy, happy, happy
Always making me happy
As she diligently practices the piano
Rolls out of bed onto her knees
Studies her scriptures and her school work
4.0, clever, quick, genius in my book
Leaves a trail wherever she goes
Shoes, make-up, books, clothes
Always perfectly put together as she runs out the door
Emerging into a beautiful young woman
Just days away from
Pearly straight teeth and even softer kisses
Holding out for the $200 offer
Humors me as she answers a mother's most embarrassing questions about
Boys, boys, boys
2, 4, 6, 8...a great Poston cheerleader she is going to make
As she flips, twists and bends her flexible little body
She owns the stage whenever she is front and center
As she speaks volumes, even when telling a short story
As she strokes the keyboard
As she glides over the strings
Yes, she makes me, oh so happy
My perfect little baby
My perfect middle child
My perfect teenage daughter
That I adore!


Ruthann said...

I love all the pictures--my favorite is the one with the pearl necklance. Do you have those hanging up in your house--they're priceless! Happy Birthday Cassidy! Only 6 more months and you'll have two more drivers in the family too!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Cassidy! We love you!

Jen Olson Brown said...

What a beautiful baby, girl and person! You are the happiest Mom because you are also the smartest! Good job Mom!

Michelle said...

I remember being Cassidy's sunbeam teacher. How is it possible she is 15 already? She is absolutely beautiful.