Monday, August 29, 2011

Love, Love, Love!

We LOVE these two,
We LOVED this day,
We LOVE all those who supported
 Brett and Tia on their perfect day!

Coming out of the temple...
it was a bit warm and the sun was bright,
plus we have to have a picture of Tia with her eyes closed...
it's tradition!

The whole gang!


Tia and Cecily have grown up together,
been in the same ward,
and were married within a day of each other.
So fun to see them together
 in their wedding dresses at the temple!

Mr. & Mrs. Allred

 I love this picture!
It just makes me smile.

I'm such a lucky girl to have this guy!

 The wonderful grandparents

 The Allred Family
What an impressive group...
8 children + spouses
and 24 grandchildren
Brett's Parents...Calvin & Susan

Brett with his siblings

 Tia loved inheriting 24 nieces and nephews!

 Grandpa & Grandma Clark with the grandkids

The beautiful and tasty candy station!
It is hard to see in this picture,
but the framed photograph of
Brett & Tia licking a giant sucker
is sooo cute!

The beverage station...

The food table was amazing!
Not only was the food delicious, but it looked so beautiful!

The floral arrangements were stunning!

The crepe station was Brett's request...
sadly he didn't even get one,
but everyone said they were delish!

This picture is priceless!

So glad cousin Abbey caught the boquet!

The sparkler send off!

It could not have been a more perfect evening!
Thanks to all those who celebrated with us!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Clark

I don't know where the time has gone...

We went from this chunky 8lb 6oz
long awaited beautiful baby boy...

to a total Daddy's boy....

to a toddler that had to learn the pecking order
in a house full of girls...
to a wonderful big brother...

to a future missionary...

to a fun loving kid....

to a reluctant cowboy...

to an incredible athlete...

to a teenager with a quick wit and a great sense of humor...

to a growing boy that can and will sleep anywhere...
 to a worthy priesthood holder...

to an awesome son...
Who is now 16 YEARS OLD!!!

I'm just a LITTLE weepy as I think about


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Katie's Baptism

These two girls have been friends
for most of their young lives.
Katie and her family live just up the street
 and she and Haley have attended
  Hawthorne, Poston, and Mt. View together,
often in many of the same classes.

So, it was a huge honor, and not really a surprise,
when a couple of week's after her 18th birthday,
Katie asked if she could have the
 missionary discussions in our home.
 These girls were at every discussion and it was
extra special to have President Robinson join us!

Elder Shafer (from SLC) and Elder Gomez (from Argentina)
did a great job teaching Katie the discussions in record time.
(There wasn't much that she didn't already know!)

Curt was honored to be invited to baptize and confirm Katie.

We were all so happy that Katie's dad and sister
 were able to attend her baptism!

And just a few of the 150 friends who supported Katie on her special day!