Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Check Ups

Summer is always the time for dental check ups!
It makes me feel like such a good Mom when that is checked off the list!

I am happy to announce that we were cavity free this year!
Yea for electric toothbrushes and flossing!

I wasn't able to go to Cassidy and Bennett's appointment,
but they rewarded themselves with a trip to 5 Guys afterwards and this is the picture they sent me!

 Can't believe that the next time Clark goes to the dentist
it will be for his MISSION PAPERS!!!!

I love walking into our dentist's office, SYNERGY DENTAL,
to see this beautiful face hanging on the wall!

I'll admit, it tugged at my heart strings!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Utah Trip 2013

Provo is always a good time and this year did not disappoint!

It was a FULL car on the ride up...
Clark, Bennett and Tanner in the very back seat,
and Cassidy, Landon and Tia in the middle row.

Clark and Bennett were so squished in the back,
that they took turns laying on top of the luggage.

We arrived at the condo, unloaded, and the boys were on their way to their favorite food spots...
J Dawgs and the Creamery on 9th.

They each brought their long boards, so they had transportation, and boy, 
did they get around town!

All those boys needed for the trip were wheels, money in their pockets for food, 
a football to throw, and a monopoly game for a little late night fun!
(How could I have neglected to get any pictures of all this?!)

Some of the highlights of the trip were:

Slide Rock in Alpine

BBQ in the Canyon

BYU Campus
 Bennett wanted to keep with tradition and buy a book at the BYU bookstore.
Dad found "The Death of a Disco Dancer" by Uncle David.

 Clark and Curt were determined to get on the board with a score of 200 or higher
at the Wilkinson Center Bowling Alley. 
 They bowled at least 10 games and Clark's highest was 193 and Curt's 192.
Curt was so sore the next day...from bowling!
All the throwing and squatting did him in!

Waffle Luv and Shopping
We were excited to try out the Waffle Love Truck!
It travels around Utah County and is at a different location each day.
We tracked it down in Orem. 
Who can refuse a crispy, sugar glazed waffle smothered in strawberries and cream?!

I needed to get some school shopping done since I knew
the boys were not going to be home again until the week before school started.

We went to the outlets in Alpine, which were awesome!
Clark walked into the Nike store and immediately declared:
"This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen"!

Clark takes his shopping very seriously!
He knows what he likes, but is also very price conscious.
Bennett, on the other hand, despises shopping and is content with what ever Clark picks out.

4th of July Fun
A yummy pancake and waffle breakfast at the Snows was the perfect beginning to the holiday!

Landon was a rock star and was soooo good during the trip!
Noisy teenagers, a messed up nap schedule 
and lots of time in the car seat, didn't faze this little guy!

A trip to Provo is not complete without a visit to J Dawg's!
I swear, Bennett and Tanner ate there at least once every day!

In-N-Out and fireworks on the lawn of the Provo Temple 
were a great way to celebrate America's Birthday!
Clark lucked out and was invited at the last minute to attend the Stadium of Fire with a friend.
He had a great time and enjoyed the Kelly Clarkson and Carly Rae Jeppsen concert!


 Bennett and Tanner attended a sprint swim camp on campus.
They were instructed on how to improve their starts and flip turns.
It was fun for them to swim in the Richards Building Pool, meet the BYU swim coaches,
 and get a glimpse of a collegiate training venue.

We made a quick stop to Paul and Skye's home in American Fork.
Cassidy made a couple of new friends with Chance and Demi!


Cassidy and Clark were the only ones that wanted to go to Salt Lake. 
It was a short, two hour excursion.
We went to City Creek Mall and Temple Square.

Clark was a very good sport to endure the endless pictures that Cassidy insisted on taking!

Until next time, Provo!