Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Rang, My Dear?

This has been me, the last 24 hours.
I am at the beck and call of my patient.
With all the noise in the house...tvs, phones, kids...
and because it hurts really bad to yell,
he has decided to call me on my phone whenever he needs anything.
I have been busy keeping him hydrated, administering his pain meds,
changing his gauze, and helping him to walk around the house each hour.
He was only up twice in the night (about like a newborn!), but little by little he seems to be improving. And this is Curt!
Yesterday, as he went "under the knife" for his hernia surgery.
Not a pretty sight, but we are glad it is over.
I'm quite sure he will be careful not to lift anything too heavy in the future.
He does not want to risk having to do this again!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud to be an American!

It was a day that many had wondered ....Would it ever happen?

It was fascinating to watch our country, and many around the world, celebrate this historic day. 

I couldn't help but feel humbled and blessed to live in this country, and to be able to enjoy the freedoms and lifestyle that I have.

I wondered how President and Laura Bush must be feeling.

The weight of the office now shifted to one that the whole world seems to adore.

Although far from perfect, I believe he did his best and what he thought right.

Hopefully history will be kinder to him than the present.

And to President Obama, we will pray for your success, wisdom and strength to handle all that is now yours.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Missing Grandpa Chuck

It was six years on January 13th since Grandpa Chuck Brown passed away.

Cassidy, Curt and Bennett

Celeste and Courtney arranging the new flower display...

Madison and Braden looking on...

Isaac and Haley...

and Grandma Charlene with the grandkids that were able to come...
We miss you Grandpa, but your lessons, stories and endearing quirks live on through your children and grandchildren!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bennett's New Look

Bennett is sporting braces and a palate expander!
He chose the very conservative Navy for his band color.
Only 24 months until we are done!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rocky Point (Day 5) The City Streets

A family friend of the Brown's lives in Rocky Point.  Their home is a big compound that is the size of a city block.  Inside the exterior walls is a squirrel monkey habitat that they own.

We had lunch at a favorite taco shop.  We were all able to squeeze in to the dining area above the small kitchen.

We ate 140 items...tacos, burros, and quesidillas.  
It was all so delicious!
After lunch, the kids were given $5.00 and a half hour to get the best deal on a souvinier of their choice.

Sunglasses, maybe?
Cassidy, Lauren, Ashlyn

or perhaps a colorful purse...

Here's what they ended up with!
We had such a great trip!  We made some new friends, re-acquainted with some old ones, ate alot, slept a little, worked some, but most of all we were once again reminded how blessed we are as families to have our homes, opportunities for education, and the gospel.

Until next year...(that is unless the kids are successful in convincing us this needs to be a semi-annual tradition!)

Hmmm...we'll see!

Adios Amigo!

Rocky Point (Day 4) Gone Fishin!

Curt was determined to get some fishing in on the trip.

Haley was beyond excited to catch several fish!
This was her first catch of the day!

The deckhands were nice enough to skin and filet the fish...

The pelicans were eagerly awaiting for the fish remains...

Aaron and Haley...
Several of the kids got a bit queasey from boat ride, even with the help of Dromamine.
I, on the other hand, have learned my lesson...Stay home!

That night we grilled up about 50 pounds of fish for tacos!  
They were yummy, even for those that don't eat fish!
What we couldn't eat, we gave away to some locals.

That night we played Capture the Flag on the beach and laughed until we ached watching the kids play crazy group games.  The question game, signs, and mafia were just a few of the favs!

It was amazing to see the fun that could be had with no TV, cell phones, or computers.

Good Times!

Rocky Point (Day 3)

Our whole group descended on the small branch on Sunday.

As you would expect, the meeting was in Spanish.  It was fun to sing the familiar hymns in a different language and to try to pick out any words from the talks that you might understand.

Not to worry, they just reused the ones from the first batch!

The whole gang!

La Familia Brown...

La Familia de Carson Brown...(which includes Nick & Lauren for this trip!)
La Familia Koozer...
After church we went and visited some friends that own homes in Rocky Point...
Duncans, Rowleys and Shreeves.  It was really fun to see their beach front homes.

That evening we had a great fireside.  
All the families were represented...Jay gave a great thought, Curt and Tim (the bishops) each gave a message and Buddy sang and played the guitar.

It was a great Sabbath Day in Mexico!

Rocky Point (Day 2) Fun on the Job!

All work and no play make for a long day!

Clark and Buddy

Ashlyn, Lauren, Cassidy

Buddy and Tia

Haley, Aaron, and Monson

Rocky Point (Day 2) Off to Work We Go!

Work Day! We were at the job site by 8:00am ready to get down and dirty!

Curt getting the walls up...

Curt and Cassidy building the wall...

Tia carrying very heavy buckets of mortar for the block-laying...

Alison making sure the wall is level and even (at least kind of!)...

Haley stuffing the gaps in the block with paper and broken rock in preparation for the concrete...

Bennett, Perry, Taft, and Hollyn taping the holes on the electrical face plates.
You should have seen the fabulous job they did!

Curt adjusting the rebar...

Bennett pouring the concrete...

Clark taking a much needed break...
It was a long day, but the weather and company were perfect!
We accomplished a lot and felt a real sense of satisfaction in the work we did .

Although these homes are very small and basic, for most families in Mexico, it doesn't get any better.

The first year we participated in this adventure, as we were working on the house, Clark made a comment that I have never forgotten. He asked, "Who would even want to live in a house like this?" My response was, "Someone who doesn't have a house".

This experience has helped us all to realize how truly blessed we are!
Mission accomplished!

Rocky Point (Day 1)

For 3 years we have spent part of our Christmas Break in Rocky Point, Mexico.

The kitchen and large family room had an amazing view of the ocean and was the perfect set-up for food and fun.

The first night we played several games with the whole group. 
It was a great way to get to know the names of everyone there...
(families:  Allen, Brown, Cowley and Koozer)

As soon as we got the cars unpacked the kids hit the beach collecting shells...

and playing football, capture the flag and even getting wet!

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve celebration.  

We played a gift exchange game that was a rather risky activity considering the ages of the kids, but everyone was a good sport, even when their "dream gift" was stolen and they didn't end up with exactly what they wanted.

All the kids with their gifts...

Bennett and Matthew...

Grandma with Courtney and Abby and Grandpa...

Clark, Haley and Curt...
The kids had just recently had a Christmas piano recital, so they each played their song on the piano for the rest of us to enjoy.

Cassidy played "Away in a Manger"
It was a wonderful evening and the perfect setting to remember the birth of our Savior!