Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming 2010

The Homecoming festivities began Friday morning with the
assembly in the Mt. View gym. 
Cassidy planned and conducted the entire assembly
from the band, drum line, pom, cheer,
and the royalty competitions.
She did an awesome job and we were so proud of her!
(sorry no pictures, darn it!)
Haley and her nominee partner, Conrad
in the Homecoming Parade.

Cassidy and Cami helping to pull the float

The junior float that Katie planned, organized and built!
The theme was Candyland and it looked awesome.
(see Katie in the center)

Clark and his buddies at the game.
Mountain View beat Dobson 33-0!

Haley was shocked when her name was announced as Homecoming Queen!
The look on her face was priceless!
I wish I had a picture!
It was so fun to see Curt drive her and Conrad down the track
as the announcer told about her interests and accomplishments.
Sam was named Homecoming King!

 Haley on her way to the dance.

 Haley and date Michael

Cassidy all dolled up!

Cassidy and date Drew

These girls were so lucky to be able to attend the dance
with such great guys.  We were so impressed with
their manners and the way they treated our girls!

We can hardly wait to hear all the details of the night!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Panther Football

Football season is in full swing.
On the first game day, the cheerleaders gave each of the 60
football players a brownie in the shape of a football
with their jersey number on it.
They were so cute and the guys loved the attention from
all these cute girls!
(notice Carie in the center)

Each game day, the football moms prepare a spaghetti lunch
to get their players pumped up!

Bennett loves riding the bus with the team to the games
and being out on the field as a "waterboy".
He takes great care of #31!

Cassidy and Katie in their Panther jerseys

Tia, Austin and Brett

It is so fun to have Carie their cheering on Clark and the other players.
She is and awesome flier when the cheerleaders stunt!
So far, the Panthers are 3-0 and if we can keep Clark
from getting hurt again, we will call the season a success!

These are just some of the awesome family and friends
that come out to the games to support Clark and Carie!

Friday, September 10, 2010

August Review

The first week of August Haley and Cassidy
were involved in the Toro Links club.
They helped to plan and implement Sophomore orientation.
Each upperclassman was in charge
of a group of sophomores to mentor.
Haley's group dressed up as nerds
and this is Haley's interpretation...

First day of school:  August 11, 2010
 Haley-senior at Mountain View
(she and Cassidy had to wear their
Toro Link T-shirts on the first day of school)

Cassidy:  Junior at Mountain View

Clark:  9th grade at Poston Jr. High
Clark's is the last 9th grade class to attend Poston.
Next year, 9th graders will be at Mountain View
(I'm still not too excited about that!)

Bennett:  7th grade at Poston Jr. High
He was able to wear the T-shirt that he bought
at the Nike Store in NY city
while on the Jamboree

Clark celebrated his 15th birthday!

 Mountain View's Student Council
after their first assembly.
They presented the Traditions Assembly
three times in one morning.
Haley conducted the assembly and
Cassidy modeled Toro attire
and helped run the class competitions.
It was so fun to go watch them in action
and get back some of my own Toro Pride!