Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always a Warrior

Westwood High School celebrated 50 years last night at their Homecoming Game.
In commemoration of the historic event, each decade of classes
was invited to make a float for the Homecoming parade and half-time show.

The 70's and 80's got together and came up with this great float...
"Cruisin' back through Time"

As a 1982 graduate of Westwood, Curt was asked (actually cajoled)
into dressing up as Bruce Springsteen for their float.
He was in the company of Elton John (Scott Jackson),
John Travolta (Keith Deering), and Michael Jackson (Greg Arnett not shown).
 Each singer danced to their song that was blasted from the float.
Bruce's was "Born in the USA"

The crowds along the parade route.
Gotta love that Westwood is steeped in tradition and spirit!

The float looked awesome and the crowd loved it!

Even the Elders were impressed!

50 years is a big deal and all the news stations were there for the historic celebration!

Cassidy came to offer moral support, but she couldn't let her Toro pride go!

At the half-time show...
Curt has always said that his blood runs deep orange...
and he proved it last night!
Congratulations Warriors!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Homecoming 2011

What a crazy, busy week this has been!
Cassidy has been up to her eyeballs in homecoming festivities,
but somehow she manages to keep everything in balance.

The weekend kicked off with the Homcoming parade.
The class floats, club floats, royalty procession, cheer and band
all weave through the neighborhood, prior to the big game.
The theme was "At the Hop" and the senior class opted
 to forego the paper mache decor for their float,
and instead spent the money on "In-N-Out" Burgers
 for those riding on the float!
Not a bad idea, but no 1st place prize, either! 

 Curt made sure to collect plenty of candy for Bennett
who was unable to attend the parade because of basketball practice.

 Ally, Cassidy and Katie cheering on the Toro football team!

So fun that all the Arizona highschool cousins attend the same school!

 Running around the track at half-time with their Senior banner

 It was a special treat to have Jacob, Austin and Isaac
 be the crown bearers for the royalty!
Jen looks awesome as the soon to be mom of identical twins due in April!
Can hardly wait to find out if they will be boys or girls!
(Grandbabies #40 & #41 for the Browns!)

 Isaac and Jacob took their jobs very seriously!

 Crowning the Homecoming King

Cassidy all ready to go to the dance!

 Love that Grandma makes the rounds to see the girls before
they are picked up by their dates.

 Cassidy loves this traditional pose!
The boys...not so much!

 Haley sending off the little sis!

 Sure do love this beauty!

 Cassidy and date Kendall

 Lookin' Good!

Nick, Cassidy & Katie at the dance

 After the dance, Cassidy's group went to the ice rink
to play Broom Hockey and had a blast!
Cassidy with cousin Aubree!

Cassidy had a great time with Kendall and we are so appreciative
of polite young men who treat our girls so well!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Panther Basketball

I never could have imagined that I would love
watching my kids play sports as much as I do. 
I actually look forward to their games.

We have had fun over the years watching the girls participate in 
softball, tennis, badminton and track.

Now the sports focus is all on the boys.
Bennett is playing on the 8th Grade Basketball Team and
once again I am loving every minute of it!

 He is an aggressive defensive player and is GOOD at stealing the ball!

 He doesn't shoot the ball much, but when he does, watch out!
Last night he made a beautiful 3 pointer!

He was so excited to get jersey #31,
just like his older brother!
GO #31!  

Friday, September 9, 2011

No Fun!

Poor Haley!
She had her wisdom teeth out this morning.
She was pretty hilarious coming out of the anthesia
and she has been sending out weird texts and pictures
to all her friends.
Hang in there, sweet girl!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toro Tuff!

In July, Clark and all the other football players,
were required to attend "Toro Camp" in Williams
 for an intensive week of training and conditioning.
(Clark is in the center in blue)

There was a lot of running...
"Toro Hill"  is notorious for its steep, steady
and unrelentless climb.

Practices were held all day and well into the evening
with only a few breaks for meals.

Clark getting to know the new Varsity Head Coach

Misery loves company!
Good thing there were a lot of friends at Camp, too!
Chase and Clark

Getting some extra help for his back from the trainer

All that hard work and practice finally paid off.
Game Day--September 1st
Heat advisories had been in effect all week.
Game time temp was brutal...
and that is without pads and helmet!

#31 again
same as last year for football and basketball

Being congratulated for making the first
 Toro touch down of the season!
(MV beat Desert Ridge 28 to 20)

Cassidy does a great job of multi-tasking...
Spanish homework as she watches the game.

After the game celebration with friends

Thanks to all those who braved the heat
to come cheer on Clark and the Toros!
(Thanks also to David, Robin & Tia who came but weren't in the picture)
Go Toros!