Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby - Winter Formal 2011

 Winter Formal was held this past weekend.
Not only was the theme "Ice, Ice, Baby", but the weather was frigid by AZ standards!

 Ashlynn took Clark and they had a blast!
Their day activity was held last week at DeWitt Farms in Lehi.
The couples competed in different activities...Clark & Ashlynn won the egg toss.
So cute in their matching shirts!

As Senior Class President, Cassidy was responsible for Winter Formal...
theme, decorations, refreshments, DJ, etc.
She started planning months ago and did an awesome job on a shoestring budget.
The center pieces were twigs that she spray painted silver and then hung snowflakes on

She assigned, in advance, the other student council members
to make a hundred or so big tissue paper balls.
She was super organized and had each student assigned to a different section to decorate.
These guys did a fabulous job hanging the balls from fishing line
attached to the basketball hoops that ran the length of the gym.

The entrance to the gym...
Student Council already had the trees, she just added lots of white tulle to add fullness

Curt and I were so impressed with how well these kids worked together.
They had the gym set up and decorated in two hours...a RECORD for sure!

 The giant snowflakes were taped to the tarp covered bleachers.
Good job, Cassidy!!  Way to get the job done!

 Cassidy and Clark before the dance

 Cassidy and date David...don't you love the foot and a half height difference!

 Clark was lucky enough to go to his first dance with Ashlynn

Cassidy and Katie with their darling friends

Clark's entire group!

Now the mad dash to ask to Sadie Hawkins in February!
Last night Cassidy asked her date and Clark was asked
 by two different girls within a matter of 45 minutes.
Let the craziness continue!

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Suz said...

Dang I wish you had these pics up a few days ago! I needed to copy them for a presentation on Christmas in the United States! :) This would've been awesome to show these cutie teenagers! :) They look amazing.