Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Caroling...Brown Style!

Every December 23rd is the Brown Family Christmas Party.
This year we combined the annual Family Dinner Party with our Caroling Party.
Grandma and Mel generously paid to have dinner catered as their
Christmas gift to both the Brown and Stradling Families.
A FABULOUS idea, in my book!

Carolina's Green Chili Burritos, rice, beans, chips and salsa were the menu for the evening.
 Brian and Curt manned the cheese crisp station for the little kids.

 We had seating for almost 100 and every seat was filled!

After dinner, we loaded up Chuck's semi-truck with a huge trailer.
 Caleb, Clark, Cassidy

 Bennett and Naaman were our skaters...
they would skate ahead of the trailer and ring doorbells,
so by the time the truck drove by, people were at their doors.

 our awesome driver, Ron
(the rig is so big that only special licensed drivers can drive it)

 the whole gang singing, visiting,
and just waiting for the hot chocolate and donuts after the cold ride!

Here's the guy who helped haul the hay for the trailer,
ordered and picked up the food,
helped with the song playlist and sound equipment,
and a gazillion other little details to pull this night together.

We could not have done it with out Clint and Debbie and their family
who spear headed this great party!

 The MVPs of the night...Grandma and Mel

 Brett, Tia and Breckyn

 Isaac and Cassidy

Our main caroling destination was to Great Grandpa Breinholt's home.
We brought him outside to sing to him and let him see his posterity.
 Love that so many of Curt's siblings could be there.
We missed Chawna and Celeste!

LOVE this picture!
Until next year...

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Jen Olson Brown said...

This was a fun night! Thanks for doing soooooo much work to make it wonderful!! Thanks for the photos! Haha!