Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bennett's Big Week!

Sunday, December 11th,
Bennett was ordained a teacher.
It was a special day for him and our family.
(We missed Brett, Tia and Haley who all had responsibilites
 in their own wards that conflicted with the ordination and
Mel and Grandma Charlene, who was sick from chemo)

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for always supporting our family!

All these awesome guys!
Clark was able to stand in the circle for Bennett's ordination...
another family first!

And to top it all off,
Bennett gets to come home to this little guy every day!
There is something rather endearing  seeing a boy with his

Then on Monday, December 12th, the big day!
Just to reminisce for a moment...
This was Bennett on his first day of braces in January 2009.

After 35 long months of palate expanders, adjustments, rubber bands,
wisdom teeth extractions, and patiently waitng for 12 year molars to grow...
Bennett got his braces off!
 Bennett before with the BEST ASSISTANT in the office...Haley!

 They are almost off!

 Yucky impressions for the retainers

 and AFTER!!!!
I couldn't believe how much older he looked!

One happy boy!  (not to mention cute!)

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Buttons and Badges said...

Good Grief! I hardly recognize him any more! He is looking older and taller too! And I agree cuter all the time - if that's possible. Tell Bennett we love him and hope he had a happy birthday - along with Tia and Haley too! Amy is so happy Bennett finally has a dog and so jealous all at the same time!