Saturday, December 31, 2011

Glimpses of Christmas

We enjoyed every bit of our Christmas celebration.
We spent Christmas Eve with the extended Clark Family,
where ET & Kristin hosted a delicious dinner and organized the program.

(We missed Brett and Tia who were celebrating with the Allred Family
before Brett's parents leave to Chile for two years)

The kids did a great job re-enacting the Nativity.
 Haley and Kimberly were the narrators

 Cassidy was just one of several who played the piano as we sang Christmas Carols.

 Grandma and Grandpa not only shared their testimonies and experiences of
Christmases past, but conducted the evening's events.

 Clark was the donkey for Mary (Abby) and Joseph (Cash)

 Sam, Katie, and Hailey were the glorious angels

 Max, Joey and Matthew were the awe-struck shepherds

 We played the traditional Christmas Gift Exchange Game.

 Grandma and Grandpa opened their Christmas Gift from the family.
A photo book entitled "Our Grandchildren" with a page of pictures of each grandchild
 and expressions of why they love Grandma and Grandpa.
It turned out beautifully!

The next morning, after attending church, we went to visit Great Grandpa Breinholt.

Christmas night we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Grandpa & Grandma Clark's.

We never get tired of spending time with our extended family and
celebrating the greatest of all gifts...the birth of our Savior!

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