Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Love "The Sing-Off"

I don't watch a lot of TV sitcoms or reality television.  I am a news junkie and prefer 48 Hours, Prime Time Live, and the local news.  So, in September, I was so excited to see the promos for the new show "Glee".   The commercials looked so cute and the reviews and hype were amazing.  I got the family out the door to mutual that first Wednesday night and cuddled up for what I thought would be a fun and entertaining family show.  Boy, was I wrong!   I was so disappointed and down right mad after viewing just one episode.  I was shocked at not oly the inuendo, but the outright blatent sexual content.  It was so unbelieveable to me, that I had Curt watch it on the internet.  He, too was stunned and I had to break the news to the kids that we would NOT be watching that show.  (I know a lot of people love this show, but the one and only episode I saw ruined it for me!)

So, when I saw "The Sing-Off" promos, I was cautiously excited.  An acapella singing competition does sound cheesy, but I turned the TV on at 7pm and within a few minutes the girls and I were loving most everything about this show (except for Nick Lachey as the host and two very weak judges...we like Ben). Tonight we had everyone (except Clark who had to watch the Suns game) thoroughly entertained.  Curt could not stop singing along to every song that was performed. It was a total killjoy for the rest of us!

Watch the short clip above...(ignore the annoying commercial at the beginning) and then tune in tomorrow night at 7pm and again Monday night for the finale. It makes me happy and just a little bitter that I can't have a killer singing voice!

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