Monday, December 7, 2009

16 x 2 = A Whole Lot of Fun

This past weekend was Winter Formal for Haley and Cassidy.
This is the first time I have had 2 girls going to the dances at the same time.  For 3 weeks every year, they are the same age and this year was extra special...SWEET 16!

Our wonderful neighborhood make-up artist, Darla, always glams them up.  She is awesome and so much fun!  Here she is working her magic on Cassidy.

Haley and Darla with the "after" results

Cousin Stacia always does the hair...
and she even makes house calls!
(Cassidy wore one of Tia's dresses, but we jazzed it up with a beautiful flower cluster at the waist that Tia made.  It was so beautiful, and made it a different dress.  Sorry there isn't a better picture of it.)

I love, love, love them...

These two girls, for years, have watched Tia, Kimberly, and Haley get all dolled up for their dances.
It is now finally Cassidy's turn and Katie was here to cheer her on!
Only 4 more months until it's Katie's turn, too and we can hardly wait!

These two girls have been friends since they were 3 years old.
We are so glad that Brimley is still hanging out with Haley and this year they are in Stu Co together!

Cassidy and Michael
He was so nice and polite and even brought her a "thank you" the day after the dance.

Haley & Beau

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clark family said...

Haley and Cassidy -- you both look beautiful!! The rodeo looks like a lot of fun too!!