Saturday, December 5, 2009

Down on the Farm

Haley's day activity for Winter Formal was beyond fun!  They had "Farm Olympics" on a real farm.
She dressed up in her best "cowgirl" attire.
Beau and Haley

All the cowgirls...

All the cowboys...

Beau, Haley, Dallin, Ashlie

They did all sorts of fun activities...
milked goats, wheelbarrow races, egg toss (which Haley and Beau won!), gunny sack races, chicken chase and a greased pig chase!
(there were so many other activities that I can't even remember)
They topped off the activity with a catered dinner from Joe's BBQ and singing around a campfire.

Haley was in her element...she came home filthy and oh, so happy!

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Michelle said...

Your family is so much fun. Every time I see Haley she has a smile from ear to ear. The girls are gorgeous all dolled up for the winter formal. At the risk of wishing away some awesome years... I cannot wait for our turn. It is so fun to see our kids enjoying their childhood as much as we enjoyed ours. Your heart probably busts with joy on a daily basis!