Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rocky Point (Day 3)

Our whole group descended on the small branch on Sunday.

As you would expect, the meeting was in Spanish.  It was fun to sing the familiar hymns in a different language and to try to pick out any words from the talks that you might understand.

Not to worry, they just reused the ones from the first batch!

The whole gang!

La Familia Brown...

La Familia de Carson Brown...(which includes Nick & Lauren for this trip!)
La Familia Koozer...
After church we went and visited some friends that own homes in Rocky Point...
Duncans, Rowleys and Shreeves.  It was really fun to see their beach front homes.

That evening we had a great fireside.  
All the families were represented...Jay gave a great thought, Curt and Tim (the bishops) each gave a message and Buddy sang and played the guitar.

It was a great Sabbath Day in Mexico!

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Barbie said...

I love your pictures outside the church.