Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud to be an American!

It was a day that many had wondered ....Would it ever happen?

It was fascinating to watch our country, and many around the world, celebrate this historic day. 

I couldn't help but feel humbled and blessed to live in this country, and to be able to enjoy the freedoms and lifestyle that I have.

I wondered how President and Laura Bush must be feeling.

The weight of the office now shifted to one that the whole world seems to adore.

Although far from perfect, I believe he did his best and what he thought right.

Hopefully history will be kinder to him than the present.

And to President Obama, we will pray for your success, wisdom and strength to handle all that is now yours.

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Jen Olson Brown said...

I loved your tribute. I am hopeful that these next four years will bring out some kind of CHANGE that would have been ignored with another man as President. I feel like Obama has a good heart, and though I do not agree with his HOW, I can respect his INTENTIONS. Thank you for you fresh look on this historic day. We sure have come a long way in American history, and it was a great, emotional day- if for that reason alone. And I too am grateful for President Bush's hard work, and the safety he has given my kids.