Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Home!

We were beyond excited when Cassidy returned home 
after attending the summer session at BYU Provo.

But for her it was bitter sweet...
she loved having her independence, making tons of new friends, and
having Katie as her room mate.

Her bedroom was in need of some updating,
so while she was gone we got to work.
I wanted her to have her own study area,
so I got this desk off of Craigslist.

 This bookcase has been around forever...
It had been in my bedroom growing up and
somehow I managed to inherit it.

The back and shelves were covered in fabric and there were
 layers and layers and layers of every kind of glue.
I did my best to scrape and sand it off, but I am not a patient person!

These chairs I picked up at Goodwill on the 50% off day.

 Here is the bedroom before...

 and here it is after.
My criteria for this "redo" was:
1.  had to be inexpensive
2.  I did not want to repaint 

Tia (as our resident DIY girl) had great ideas.

We spray painted the flowers that were hanging above the beds in the "before" picture
and hung them on another wall.

I loved the white comforters that I found on Overstock, but I knew we needed some color.
The cute reversible quilts at the end of the bed I found at TJ Maxx.
I didn't want to spend the $$ on two comforters, so we bought one,
cut it in half, and hemmed the raw edge.
As easy as that sounds, I never would have thought to do that.
My brain just does not think like that!  Thank you, Tia!

A couple of the pillows I picked up on clearance from Target in the outdoor furniture section.

 Here is the desk and chair that we sanded and painted.

 and the bookcase, minus the fabric and glue.
I painted the inside the same as the desk to tie it together.

Cassidy was so surprised to see her new room and she LOVED it!


vfife said...

That looks fantastic! Nice work!!

Jo Dee said...

What a great job! I am impressed!

Suz said...

So cute! I can never understand why you think you aren't crafty! Everything you put together you pull of beautifully! Its amazing! Great work. Darling room.