Friday, September 28, 2012


I LOVE that Bennett is taking choir this year.
It was definitely not his first choice of electives,
but I have learned over the years to get that Fine Arts credit out of the way early on,
and choir is a great way to do it!

Last night was his first choir concert at Mountain View and it was AWESOME!
Poston and Mountain View both have huge choral programs and the teachers are incredible.
I feel really blessed that my boys have been exposed to music from such great teachers.

When they complain, I remind them that what they learn in choir will stick with them, 
probably more than anything they are learning in geometry.

I love that when they are in the car riding with me, 
they aren't afraid to belt out their favorite songs.

I love to hear them singing around the house
 because they can't get those choir songs out of their heads.

But, I especially love sitting next to them in church and actually hearing them sing...
and you know, they are darn good!

How can you not love a class that is all boys and mostly great friends?!!!!
 Bennett and Tanner reunited

 Carson and Bennett

 Stockton, Bennett and Smith
(Should have seen these guys get into their rendition of "Love Potion Number 9")

 Love Cassidy's willingness to always support her brothers!

 Hanging with Clark's cute friends

 Bennett and Trent

The reward for a great job!

Now, I have to convince him to take History during summer school
 to make room for choir next year!

Wish me luck!

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