Friday, August 31, 2012


Can't believe this guy turned 17 this month!
Time just keeps passing more quickly and I think he is realizing it, too.
Crazy to think that in just two short years he will be on his mission!

Clark is a fun kid to have around!

Does he listen to me much?   Not really!
Is he neat and tidy?  Not at all!
Does he like it when I take his picture?  Absolutely Not!

But when it comes to the really big, important stuff in life,
this #4 child of mine IS THE BEST!

 Since all he ever wants to do is spend $$$$ on food,
we opted to give him cold hard cash.

I taped one dollar bills together, end to end, and stuffed them in an empty Kleenex box,
with the saying..."Don't BLOW it all in one place!"

Pretty sure he will be frequenting Lenny's for their Family Pack Hamburger Deal
and Charleston's for their ribs.
(Just his two latest obsessions!)
We love you tons!

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