Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Simple "Thank You"

I happened to meet Haley on the driveway as she was pulling in from work today.
She was a bit more enthusiastic than usual after a long day.
"Look in my pocket", she said.
I pulled out a white envelope just peeking out of her navy pocket.

Inside was this card...

John is a "grandpa aged" man who Haley has worked on in the past.
Today she took off his braces.

He took the time to thank her for doing her job!
It meant so much to her!

As an added gift, he gave her this timely gift card.
It will come in handy as she buys her textbooks for the upcoming semester.

After a lot of thought, Haley put in her notice at the office.
She has decided to go back to school full-time to finish her pre-requisites for Dental Hygiene.

She will be taking a class this summer and will probably continue to work part time until Fall.
Starting in August she will be hitting the books.

Working full-time the past year has been such a blessing in her life.
It gave her the much needed break from school that she insisted on AND she has saved a bunch of money.
She has learned...
many great skills that will benefit her throughout her life,
that working is HARD and LONG and REWARDING,
that going to school isn't so bad,
that she loves the dental field and she now has a direction for furthering her education!

We have no doubt that she will make a fabulous hygenist some day!
Look out world, here she comes!

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