Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I love this picture.
But more importantly, I love these women!

There are no words that I can write to offer my love, admiration and gratitude for all that these
two sisters and my mother have taught me. 

Sadly, (or thankfully) it is not until we become a parent ourselves that we can truly begin to understand and appreciate how much our parents love us. 

I began this journey of motherhood with stars in my eyes...
visions of perfectly behaved children,
scrubbed clean, hair combed to perfection, in matching attire,
piano playing prodigies, top notch students, the best of friends,
and obedient to my every command.

Wow!  Was I ever shocked and surprised when they chopped each other's bangs off,
refused to practice the piano, insisted on wearing their own combination of clothing,
quarrelled and bantered,
got a "B" on their report card and said it was "good enough"!

My mom made it look too easy and their were days when I felt dupped!

But how grateful I am that my dream for my children wasn't all that I had envisioned,

They came with personalities, talents, skills, desires, and attributes that I didn't even know were possible!
They have been my greatest joy, my deepest worry, my best laugh, my hardest job,
and better than any and all of my dreams!

Mommy and Me Pictures with each of my babies at 6 months
(and a review of my past hairstyles and weight fluctuations!)






Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother,
my two beautiful sisters,
my loving mother-in-law,
my two amazing sister-in-laws,
and ME!

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