Friday, April 6, 2012

It's About Time

Clark has had a milestone week...

After one year of having his permit,
he finally decided it was time to get his license.
Curt and I were in no hurry for this kid to be legal,
as we all know that teenage boys are expensive to insure.

After two loooong hours at the DMV,
he did it and here's the proof!

Now, rewind two years to the day he got his braces on.

(I wish I had the picture that Dr. Mason showed us 
of when he was 10 years old and just beginning treatment!)

 The "before" picture with THE BEST ASSISTANT, Haley!

I didn't realize they put in the permanent bottom retainer
before they even take the braces off.

Clark warned me before his appointment,
 that one of the things that he truly can't stand
is the feeling of tugging on his teeth. 
 I thought he was being dramatic!

Look at those squinted eyes and clenched fists...he was going crazy!

He did discover that he loves this little sucker!

Impressions for the top retainer.
Just hoping he wouldn't gag!

Everytime I see Haley at work,
 I am amazed and impressed at everything she can do and how well she does it!

The group that made it all happen!

The "after" picture.
I think it is one of my new favorite pics!
Love what orthodontics can do for the smile.
All the money, pain and patience is soooo worth it!

We are now officially done with braces...YEA!
Now it is time to get those darn wisdom teeth out!

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