Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a busy, but wonderful Easter Weekend!

Bennett loves to make money.  He has more ideas than I can keep up with.
This Spring he and a friend bred and sold rabbits.
Not just any kind of rabbit, but the cute floppy eared kind.
 They timed the births to perfection and had
Furry, floppy eared baby rabbits ready to sell Easter weekend.

I was a huge skeptic!

I quickly became a believer when he easily sold all 5 rabbits for $35.00 each and
people came from over an hour and a half away to purchase one.

 They even rented the baby bunnies out to a family for a party the night before they sold them!

 Last year we began the tradition of an easter egg hunt with the kids.
This tradition is different from the one the kids grew up doing with cousins.
We had 25 eggs filled with money.
The "golden egg" had a $50 bill.

 The girls gave up after about 15 minutes.
Haley and Cassidy only found 2 eggs each and Tia let Brett do most of the hunting.

No one is more motivated by money than Clark!
With his persistance and competitive spirit, he found the coveted egg!

Sunday we attended our Sacrament Meeting Easter Program
and loved that Haley was able to join us.
E.T. and Kristin hosted a delicious dinner with Grandpa and Grandma
who shared an Easter message and their testimonies.

We are truly blessed!

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