Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sadie Hawkins 2009

Haley had Sadie Hawkins last week.

They had their day activity two weeks ago, where they played laser tag and had tons of fun!

Haley and her date Hayden...

The group (minus Hayden who had to come later due to a baseball tournament)...
They had a BBQ for dinner, went to the dance, and then played games.

Haley with one of her favorite dates...Grandpa on his way to the temple...

I thought their shirts turned out so cute! The theme was "Sadie Goes Overboard"
This is the back of the shirt with all the names of the couples in their group.

And Haley again...
Can't believe this girl can date and drive!
Never a dull moment with her!
We love you, girl!

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