Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Madness

This is NOT a post about basketball!

It is about me...and my reluctance to let go.

Clark is almost done with his Deacon section of the Duty to God Program.

The last goal he needs to accomplish is doing his own laundry and ironing for one month!

I have put this off for a year and a half! I don't want my kids to do their own laundry!

I have a system, one that works well, and I am very capable of managing it on my own.

I tell my kids it is my "gift" to them and they are fine with it.

Then I was reminded that this is a mission prep tool.

With that, Clark and I decided that March was his month.

So, today, he has done 3 loads of his own laundry and ironed his white shirt for tomorrow.

I taught him the tried and true method for ironing a dress shirt. One my mother taught me for my 9th grade English demonstration assignment.

Collar, yoke, sleeves, everytime.

Clark has done a great job and is a quick learner!

I just might survive my "March Madness" after all!


Dawn said...

I remember when I learned that ironing method from you when we lived in California. I still use it to this day and have taught my own kids. Thanks for the tip!

Barbie said...

I have never learned how to properly iron, therefore, I don't do it. Shirts go to the cleaners. I do have an iron, but not ironing board. I got rid of it after years of neglect. I never thought of the mission prep thing. Hopefully Nathan will get companions who can help him.

Amy said...

What a good mom you are. I'm with you it's hard for me to have my "system" messed up. I'm like that with my kitchen and laundry. Good luck. Looks like he's doing a great job. It was fun seeing you guys. Your family is just beautiful.

Jo Dee said...

Max had to do this as well and has kept doing it ever since. To me it turns out to be a great help, although I am tempted many times to just steal the clothes from his room and wash them.

Suz said...

Allison - Nate here, just commenting on your good choice. Coming from the receiving end of such trainging, I will be forever greatful for a mother who showed me how and then let me do...just about everything. It pays off huge in the end - even if it is not the most convenient. Clark only has just over 200 chances to perfect his ironing skills before he is out of the house and off to college....

Jen Olson Brown said...

Great job Clark! Great job of Mom for letting go. His future wife will be so impressed!

Unknown said...

Cool! I'm not only proud of Clark but of you Alison! Just so you know you're not the only one who can't let go. Kyle said out of his whole Teachers Quorum they asked who did their own laundry and he was the only one who raised his hand. Ya, I let go at age 12. No problem for me! One less thing!