Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family Firsts

We've had a lot of firsts in our family lately...

Our FIRST junior high track meet...
Cassidy's events are the discus and long jump.
At yesterday's meet, she was put in to run the 800 (2 laps)...
Curt's words of encouragement were, "Run slow, Cass!"
She hasn't trained for this event and were were nervous that she might go too fast too soon.
She hung with the group and was awesome!
Curt was close to tears!

Our FIRST wrestling match...

Clark's FIRST pin. He wrestled 3 matches, winning two.
After the initial shock of seeing him in a singlet,
I told him if he got ringworm or cauliflower ears,
we were done!

Getting some long distance coaching from cousin C.J.!
Man, we have great examples in this family!
It means the world to my boys to have their older cousins showing them the way.

Bennett participated in "Lehi Days".
This kid is all about the animals.
He loves to study "craigslist" for any good deals on horses.
Don't know where we would put one, but keep dreamin' little buddy!

Bennett's FIRST rodeo ride...
Way to hang in there, cowboy!

Which is exactly what I am trying to do keeping up with all these kids!

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Unknown said...

So awesome to catch up on your kiddos! You guys are crazy busy with all these sports! Man our days like that are slowing down. Weird we only had Jenny's track meet on Tuesday and nothing else for weeks! Oh, enjoy it, it doesn't last long (it feels like it on certain days) Don't ya wish you could split yourself on some days to hit it all?