Friday, October 17, 2008

A Mom's Payday!

Bennett was awarded the "Citizenship" award for his class today, along with his friend, Brooke. His teacher has told me on a couple of different occasions what a special boy Bennett is. I couldn't agree more! Bennett has a tender heart. He loves animals, babies and is so kind to those with special needs. One little girl in his class, who is autistic, loves to sit by him at lunch and tell everyone, "I love Bennett!" The teacher has kindly told her that she probably shouldn't say that out loud at school because it could embarrass him. He also loves our little neighbor girl, Lauren, who has Down Syndrome. Whenever she comes over she asks for Bennett.

Not only is Bennett kind to others, but he is so thoughtful and considerate of me. Every night, before he goes to bed, he finds me in the house and gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me. Every morning before he leaves for school he shouts good bye with another "I love you". He is always quick to thank me for doing his laundry, making his lunch, fixing dinner, etc. Whenever we are together, he always opens doors for me and at church he carries my big, gigantic, enormous church bag. (and the other kids wonder why he gets away with things! I tell them to watch and learn!)

Today was a mom's payday...I am feeling very rich!


Elizabeth said...

We love Bennett too! He certainly is all those things you said and more. He has been so sweet with Ruthie, its not wonder she naturally gravitates to him. And I must admit when Mojo found a new home, I thought of how disappointed Bennett would be when he came to our house! His award is well deserved!

clark family said...

Congratulations, Bennett!

Jo Dee said...

I love have tenderhearted boys as well. Whoever said boys are loud and smelly have never met our boys!

tia said...

Mom, do you love Bennett more...than me?! Just teasing, I love you