Monday, October 20, 2008

Christian and Stephanie Fundraising Carnival

Buddy and Tia brought the kids that they worked with during the summer to check out the carnival.  David and Monica loved everything, especially dancing with the puppets!
Haley and Julie
Cassidy and Taylor worked a shift in one of the booths
Here is just a glimpse of the cuteness of it all.  There was not one detail left undone!


tia said...

It was absolutely perfect. Its too bad the weather wasn't a tad cooler, but it was so fun to take those kids and see them have fun...even with their messy snow cones

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting all of the pictures! I have been hearing a lot about it here. Its unbelievable how much has and is being done. Are you going to the concert this weekend too? Mindy Gledhill is in our stake. Her son Jackson was in Eliza's class last year. I think she has a secret crush on him because she truly blushes every time she sees him!

clark family said...

Wish we could have gone -- what great support they have!