Monday, October 6, 2008

Encore, Please!

I loved choir in junior high. My required solos were not the most memorable. "You Light Up My Life" and "Superstar" by the Carpenters were just a couple that haunt me. Even then, I was still surprised that not one of my girls ever gave choir a try. I tried to convince them that it was fun! That they would meet lots of great kids, and that it was an easy "A". They just wouldn't do it.

So, how surprised do you think I was, when in the middle of his 6th grade year, Clark announced that he was going to take choir at Poston. I was so excited! I tried not to make a big deal of it, but inside I was hoping that his desire wouldn't fade.

Tonight my dream as a mother came true! Clark performed in his first choir concert! He looked soooo cute in his bow tie and suspenders. And although he didn't crack a smile on stage, I could tell he was loving it, too! It made for a perfect FHE activity and to honor the new choir boy, a trip to Golden Spoon was in order!

Thanks, Clark....You light up my life!


Barbie said...

You are a lucky mother. Will you sing your solos for me sometime. I love those songs!

Amy said...

Alison it's Amy Jackson. I saw your blog through JoDee's . Your girls are absolutely beautiful and the boys are handsome as ever. What a proud mom you must be. I LOVED Jr.High choir. Way to go Clark and Golden Spoon....yummy. It's been fun to see your blog and catch up to you. Tell the Fam Hello.

Michelle said...

Clark looks so handsome. Isn't being a mom grand? Congrats on all your hard work- you are very clearly doing a GREAT job!

Elizabeth said...

Clark is too cute. Tell him to watch out, girls like boys who sing, especially to them!