Sunday, October 5, 2008

Car Show

The past two years Poston has put on a car show as a fund raiser. All the student council officers and reps are required to participate. It is a big undertaking! The kids were all up at the event at 6:00am Saturday morning and worked through the day. One of Curt's partners/friends showcased his car in the show. Curt enjoyed explaining Dave's car to a few onlookers and Tim reminisced of his high school days in the 70's in a car just like the one at the show.

We brought carne asada tacos up to the kids who were STARVING! They loved us!

We hope in the future the car show is not on conference weekend. We missed having them with us as we watched the first day of conference.

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clark family said...

Clark and Cassidy - Good job supporting Poston!