Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Little Devil

$5500 Tuition
$ 800 Parking
$ 700 Books
A child with a college scholorship....PRICELESS!

Tia is now an official Arizona State Sun Devil! Today was her first day at ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus. The day began with stress and anticipation, and by mid-day, we added overwhelmed to the mix. The good news is she survived! She has classes MWF with MW being the bulk of her instruction. She is taking an ASU Freshman class (dumb and required), Communications, English, American Sign Language, Parks & Rec (required for her major of Recreational Therapy) and Institute. It is nice that she doesn't have to leave the house until about 9:00am, so she is able to take advantage of the carpool lane. Her secure/gated parking lot is just across a small side street from the building where most of her classes are held. One of her friends is in two of her classes, and just last night she discovered that Buddy's brother-in-law is in her English class. How convienient! The biggest change is that everything is high-tech...laptops, emailing assignments, clickers for tests, online blackboards for assignments, etc. We know she is going to have a great experience there as soon as the newness of everything wears off. We are proud of you Tia, and are looking forward to lots of college adventures!


Elizabeth said...

Ok I have to comment on the last three posts. First, Happy Birthday Clark! Your lame Estes cousins never called, but we love you none the less. I learned that when you are 13 you can have a facebook profile. (12 year old Lydia told me)

Loved the banners. . Tia was that you that made them? You did a GREAT job and I am so impressed that you made three! Speaking of Tia, I hope you have a wonderful time at ASU. Plus I have an encouraging story to tell you . . A new gal I go VT to, whose name is Jane, (and is the cousin to Stephanie Nielsen) Anyhoo, she told me that she and her husband dated in high school, she "waited" for him on his mission, and they were married a few months upon his return. She said everything just picked up where they left off when he got home. I thought of you Tia! Study hard, but have fun too!

clark family said...

Good luck Tia! We can't wait to hear all about ASU.

Ruthann said...

Tia you are the most gorgeous devil that is for sure and I'd be willing to bet the smartest! Have fun--go cougars!!!