Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Clark!

Today is Clark's 13th birthday! I can't believe we have four teenagers in the house! Crazy, but fun! Clark is such a low maintenance kid. He doesn't expect much and when asked what he wanted for his birthday, he couldn't give me any ideas. We did get him a new bike that he is riding to school with his friends, a bike lock and a jr. high He looks good and now smells, oh so good! I took him pizza, soda and cookies to school for lunch with his friends. He was swarmed by 9th grade boys twice his size as he maneuvered his way to the lunch area. I watched him walk strong and determined, gripping his feast as these big boys tried everything short of a take down to get his food! Tonight we went to dinner at Hong Kong Gourmet Buffet where he ate until his hearts content. We then came home and had zwieback pie for dessert. Because of Curt's strong food opinions, almost all the kids request zwieback pie for their birthday. I now have to make the birthday child his own pan. This dessert is a Brown family favorite, so as we speak, Carson is here, not to wish Clark a Happy Birthday, but only to eat his birthday dessert. It's really o.k., though, because on June 30th, Carson's birthday, we are eating his zwieback pie right along with him. Clark we love you!

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