Saturday, February 16, 2013

Katie's Mission Call

A year and a half ago, Haley's wonderful friend Katie was baptized.
She was golden and it was a beautiful occasion to see her join the church.
She has been a strong and faithful member...
 serving as a Primary Teacher, attending Institute and Mission Prep Classes, 
speaking in Stake Conference and now as a newly called missionary!

We were honored to have Katie open her mission call at our home among family and friends.
Although Katie is the only member of the church in her family,
we were so happy that her family could be in attendance as she opened her call. 

 Katie with her Dad Joe and his girlfriend

 Katie with her sister Anna and brother Fletcher

 Katie and her Mom Mollie

President Robinson has become a wonderful friend and mentor for Katie!

 Katie shared her testimony and then...

 opened her call to receive her assignment...
REPORTS MAY 22, 2013!

 The girls with mission calls!

We are so excited to help get this girl ready to serve!
Her story is miraculous and she will be a part of many more miracles in Calgary!

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