Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Katie's Baptism

These two girls have been friends...best friends
for most of their young lives.
Katie and her family live just up the street
 and she and Haley have attended
  Hawthorne, Poston, and Mt. View together,
often in many of the same classes.

So, it was a huge honor, and not really a surprise,
when a couple of week's after her 18th birthday,
Katie asked if she could have the
 missionary discussions in our home.
 These girls were at every discussion and it was
extra special to have President Robinson join us!

Elder Shafer (from SLC) and Elder Gomez (from Argentina)
did a great job teaching Katie the discussions in record time.
(There wasn't much that she didn't already know!)

Curt was honored to be invited to baptize and confirm Katie.

We were all so happy that Katie's dad and sister
 were able to attend her baptism!

And just a few of the 150 friends who supported Katie on her special day!

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Suz said...

yeah for missionary work! Congrats!